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The Floor

A melancholy Brit once concluded, 'The World Won't Listen.' Maybe it's true. But The Floor believes times are changing. How Soon is Now?

The Floor hail from Edmonton, one of the most northerly cities in North America. A collection of warehouses, government buildings and vacant downtown offices, population around a million, it is isolated and unassuming.

Not The Floor, though. For a few years now they've been playing fantastic shows and making superior recordings. They've been casting their gaze well beyond the anonymity of their surroundings, taking cues from The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and a legion of other outsiders who insisted that their songs were as good or better than anyone else's.

By the summer of 2002, Matt Pahl, Dan Carlyle and Paul Arnusch had been making music together for a year or so. At that time Dan looked after bass guitar and Paul specialized in howling feedback. After sacking the original drummer, they agreed to have a go at something new: Paul grabbed the bass and Dan climbed behind the drums, while Matt resumed his guitar and vocal duties. When Matt's friend Graham Lessard moved back to town not long after, they asked him to sit in with them for an evening on synth and second guitar.

Two weeks later The Floor played their first gig, a live-to-air broadcast on a local college radio station. Another couple of months and they had already been on national television and packed hundreds into their first headlining local shows.

They've stayed busy since, touring the country, independently releasing two EPs and receiving glowing reviews nationally and abroad.

What do they sound like? How about heavy industry, kinetic force, reckless lust. Lethal bass riffs, thumping kick drum, narcotic synthesizer haze and razor sharp guitars that cut through it all. It's a sound that shatters eardrums and fills the dancefloor. Journalists can cite early Duran Duran and Chameleons as trendy influences and make reference to the current crop of New New Wave lightweights, but it's all rubbish, really. The Floor is model, not copy. They are more concerned with producing devastating, captivating pop songs than media cliches.

Go take a long listen to The Floor, before fame catches up to them and ruins them forever.

Matt Pahl - guitar, vocals
Dan Carlyle - drums
Paul Arnusch - bass
Graham Lessard - synthesizer, guitar