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Five Blank Pages

In becoming acquainted with Toronto, Ontarioís Five Blank Pages, one cannot help but think of the proverbial weekend cottage, indulging in long strolls by a lapping shore or drawing closer to loved ones by camp fire on cool Canadian nights.

The honesty and innocence of Five Blank Pages is conveyed through pop strains of delicate harmonies, bursts of crackling distortion and irresistible melodic hooks Ė yet it isnít this that melts your heart as much as the bond this real-life family cultivates on stage. Formed in 2003 in Brampton, Ontario, Five Blank Pages consists of singer/songwriter Noyan Hilmi (vocals, guitars), then girlfriend (now wife), Pinar Ozyetis (vocals, keys), Noyanís sister Chelen Hilmi, (drums, vocals) and friend of longstanding, Rajiv Thavanathan. Combining expressive melancholic chord structures with often buoyant and uplifting rhythms, Five Blank Pages conjure sketches of artists such as The Weakerthans, Pedro The Lion, Hayden, Death Cab For Cutie, and many East-Coast indie groups of the early 90ís, while recontextualizing this canon with their own originality and mark.

Their debut 6-song EP " Spaces to Occupy and Abandon" (distributed by Universal Music) has allowed the quartet to garner a sizeable following, playing showcases such as the Halifax Pop Explosion, CMW, NXNE, S.C.E.N.E. Fest, Brampton Indie Arts Fest and Over the Top Fest. The long-awaited full-length follow-up, " Last Blush", is the sonic equivalent of an explosion of indie-pop styling and colour. This said, please donít misconstrue this band as some calculating denizen of the commercial world of some latter day Partridge Family. This is a group in their earnest creating solemn heartfelt songs that capture the poignancy of Canadian independent lo-fi/hi-fi rock. Understood? Good. Now come warm yourself by the fire.