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Never Just A Dream Artist: Emma-Lee
Title: Never Just A Dream
Year: 2009
$12.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $9.13)
(approx. EURO 8.41 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Bruise Easy 2.09 No  
2 That Sinking Feeling 4.05 No  
3 Never Just A Dream 4.52 No  
4 Jealousy 2.15 No  
5 Flow 6.08 No  
6 Isnít It Obvious 5.09 No  
7 Mr. Buttonlip 4.50 No  
8 An Older Man 5.15 No  
9 Where You Want To Be 4.12 No  
10 Until We Meet Again 3.17 No  

Produced by: Mitch Girio & Emma-Lee
Mixed by: Mitch Girio
Mastered by: Tim Branton at Joao Carvalho Mastering

Drums, Bass & Piano engineered by Brian Moncarz at Whirlwind Sound. String engineerd by Paul Aucoin at Halla Music. Organ recorded at The Hive. Everything else engineered by Mitch Girio at The Electrical Room.