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Eleanor McCain

Born and raised in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Eleanor McCain found her voice as a young girl, singing at church, schools and community events. With musical training resources scarce in her small Maritime hometown, her mother drove Eleanor to Fredricton – nearly 150 kilometres away– for voice lessons to cultivate her budding talent.

After graduating from the music program at New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University, she moved to Toronto, Ontario to pursue her classical training. She concentrated on expanding her vocal style from pure classical to classical crossover with a fusion of pop and folk. Eleanor launched her debut album Intimate to critical and popular acclaim in June 2001. In Intimate, she found a unique and personal blend that crosses genres and has garnered the support of such notable musical artists as Natalie McMaster, Chantal Kreviazuk and John McDermott.

A melting pot of different styles and influences – classic, Celtic, ballad, folk and country, Eleanor characterizes her singing and her selection of materials in a single and remarkable word: intimate. Her voice is an elegant and personal tool through which she connects with listeners. For the singer and audience alike, the experience is warm, poignant and filled with an emotion that is basic and wonderfully human.

After the release of Intimate, the songstress found her self focused on the joys of motherhood, yet she longed to return to the studio to record. Ultimately, she flew to Nashville where she once again teamed with renowned producer Terry Sawchuk and put her own personal stamp on songs she often sung to her daughter, many she herself had loved as a child.

Now, on her highly anticipated second album, Bundle of Joy, the gifted soprano from Florenceville, New Brunswick shares some of her favourites.

Eleanor McCain’s musical evolution has been influenced by the freedoms of her youth, the wonderment of motherhood and maturity in understanding how music connects people and underscores life’s events.

The musical and cultural rhythms and influences of the Maritimes permeate Eleanor’s singing and spirit, and the many musical styles to which her mother introduced her on those long drives to Fredericton are reemerging in Eleanor’s professional career.

In addition to her busy recording career, Eleanor continues to focus on raising her daughter, Laura. She is the joy of Eleanor’s life and the inspiration behind this album.