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Dizzy G

Dizzy G, is a performer/songwriter from the east coast of Canada. With him, he brings many years experience, as a musician in the eighties music scene. Dizzy G's real name is Rudy Gillespie. Dizzy was a nick name given to him by his fellow band members, because of his last name Gillespie, after the late, great, Dizzy Gillespie. In memory of Dizzy Gillespie, Dizzy G has recorded one of his original works, (Big City Blues) in honor of the famous trumpet player.

Recently Dizzy G recorded a new CD Wild Women with a collection of Blues and Rock influence from his past years experience. All the songs are original, but have that sound of familiarity, that you will recognize from the past. Most of the musicians from the past, are still trying to make a living on the music from the past. You here the same old Blues and Classic Rock numbers played over and over again. We are about the change that.

Dizzy G, performs with a complete band or as a solo, performing his original work, plus some cover tunes with a new twist. If you are going to bring back the old, lets make it new, that's Dizzy G's motto.

Dizzy G, is down to earth, back to the basics type of guy, very approachable, who just enjoys playing music. If you got talent, share it with others, and that's what he does.

Sit back and enjoy, and don't be scared to throw a request or two, and hopefully in the future your request will be a song from Dizzy G.