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Arun Chaturvedi - Vocals/Guitar
Jason Gordon - Guitars/Vocals
Jeff Gordon - Drumss
Rory Katz - Bass

"Yeah we kinda jumped on the School of Rock bus, grabbed the steering wheel and now we're speeding towards who knows where and we're picking up everybody who wants to join us." jokes Driver's lead singer/guitarist, Arun Chaturvedi when asked about the recent attention the band has attracted since releasing their debut record, "Inhuman Nature" on Vatikan/Universal late last year. With his thick red hair and rimmed glasses, he looks like a cross between Buddy Holly and the Joker. And with "She Laughed At Me" the first single added to MuchMusic and threatening to chart nationally, it seems the bus is picking up lots of passengers in the way of fans!

The ride started in Winnipeg where the four-piece rock band sold more than 1500 copies of an EP, produced in their parents basement. It led the group to a #3 most-requested song on Winnipeg radio. Having already locked down hometown support from the likes of CITI-FM (who named the group Buzz Band of the Year two years in a row!!) and Power 97 (who included 3 tracks from the group's debut EP on its Class of 2003 CD), Driver begins its assault on the rest of Canada with their debut full length album which contains a new version of "All That You Are", the song that started the bus rolling when it was included on Power 97's River City Rawks compilation.

The bed tracks were recorded live off the floor over an intense four-day period at Private Ear and then taken to neuroBurke studios in Winnipeg for overdubs. Inhuman Nature is an expertly produced record by Chris Burke-Gaffney and the CBG Artist Development team (Kyle Riabko, Chantal Kreviazuk and McMaster and James). It's an album bursting with beautiful dark melodies, big fat crunchy guitars and songs that one scribe called "anthems for disenchanted youth". This is an album that will appeal to modern/hard rock fans that like Incubus, Switchfoot and Three Doors Down but Driver blazes it into new territories.

" Of the recording process for Inhuman Nature, Arun says, "We basically just plugged in and let loose, y'know?" It helps that three of the four members are classically trained pianists, and all the guys play guitar, bass, and drums and can sing. "We write parts well together, and play well together because we're aware of each instrument's role in the band," Jason adds.

Inhuman Nature showcases the group's tight, well-structured song writing and captures the signature intensity of its live shows. With three producers in the band, the level of professionalism evident on its first album shouldn't surprise anyone, but as strong as the group is on disc, it's on stage where Driver really knocks it out of the ballpark. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Theory of a Deadman, The Headstones, High Holy Days, Thornley, Three Days Grace, Junkhouse, Forty Foot Echo, 54-40 and Default, to name a few, Driver is poised to explode on the Canadian rock scene. Catch them now, before you're left standing at the back of an arena somewhere wondering how you missed this on its way up.