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DRUMLIN transports you into the deep warmth of a captain's cabin, beneath the sails and stars... to a place where the most compelling of adventures and romances are spoken of, and great vitality is found in light, shadow, and song.

Dal Gilbert - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar
Anya Gilbert - Vocals, Violin/fiddle, Mandolin & Tin Whistle
Kassia Gilbert - Vocals, Cello & Bass Guitar
Liam Gilbert - Percussion & Piano

DRUMLIN has been performing and recording music for well over a decade. This vibrant, young, classically trained sibling band gained national recognition celebrating and working with some of Nova Scotia’s finest heritage music, hand picked from the Helen Creighton collection. Mackerel Skies (2008) charted in the ‘top ten’ on college and community radio stations, was embraced by CBC radio, and received great reviews, numerous accolades, and international airplay.

Drumlin’s new modern folk album, Paper Flowers (March 2011), has a different twist. The album is composed almost entirely of Drumlin’s own songs, speaking of romance, hope, loss, adventure, and connection, including a single adaptation of a song fragment found deep within the Nova Scotia Archives.

“Our continuing progress has been very inspiring for us! We incorporated our own life interpretations into Paper Flowers. It will be a cross-generational approach to music, as it will feature songs written by Drumlin as well as songs from Nova Scotia’s historically rich culture.”

2011 ECMW Showcase Artist
2010 NSMW Showcase Artist
2009 East Coast Music Award Nominee
2009 An'R International Award of Excellence
2009 NSMW Showcase Artist
2008 Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee

Drumlin recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Heritage. They are pleased to work in partnership with the Culture Division to develop and promote cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.