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“You play like Jimi Hendrix!”
- Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi guitarist

Whether opening for A-list acts like Bette Midler, sharing the stage with world-renowned Seal or playing luxury brand events like Chloé and Dom Pérignon, Dr. Draw inspires kudos wherever he plays. Having nurtured a solid reputation at home for utterly captivating music and energetic performances, Dr. Draw and his talented band are set to grow their reputation eastward. Recent performances have included playing for the Prime Minister of Singapore at the 2007 Imagination conference and a spate of Louis Vuitton events in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea. Performing in such frenetic locales energizes the 26-year-old performer all over again allowing him to “creatively interact with cultures all across the world.” The result is a constantly evolving musical style that brings together the seemingly disparate elements of classical violin, jazz-rock fusion, folk and pop into a riveting masala that feeds the soul and invigorates audiences.

Dr. Draw’s musical repertoire spans the globe, incorporating many different elements such as rock, classical, pop, electronica, fusion, world and new funk, making this eclectic mix appealing to a diverse audience. - Cindy Frasier, Expose Entertainment magazine

Back home in North America, Dr. Draw’s onstage performances continue to propel CD sales. The day after an electrifying summer performance at Toronto’s Beaches Jazz Festival, sales of his third CD Adagio sold out across the city propelling Draw’s last release to #3 on the Nielsen SoundScan City Sales Chart. In fact, all three CDs have attained Top Ten status in Canada’s largest markets. In his native Toronto, Dr. Draw has charted on SoundScan for 3 summers in a row 2006-8 each time he played The Beaches Jazz Festival as well as selling thousands of CDs on-site at the jazz fest. Much like the varied underpinnings of Dr. Draw’s music, his concert list also strikingly diverse including venues such as the NXNE Music Conference and the Canadian Senate Chambers on the occasion of National Children’s Day.

Dr. Draw made indie music history in Toronto in 2007 as all three of his albums charted on the official Top 30 Nielsen Soundscan sales chart on August 9, 2007 for the second time that summer including the #3 position on Aug. 9 for his latest CD Adagio, which ranked #70 nationally. He’s also charted at #25 in Toronto for his 2005 CD Train 64 and at #26 for his four-year-old debut The City. The same triple play happened in Edmonton and Calgary as well where he continues to have a huge fan base.

TRAIN 64 Nielsen SoundScan City Sales Chart Action

  • #12 in Montreal on July 16, 2006
  • #11 in Kitchener on July 16
  • #46 in Toronto on July 16
  • #4 in Peterborough on July 30
  • #37 in Toronto on August 3
  • #2 in Toronto on Aug 8
  • #4 in Edmonton on August 17, while his five-year-old album The City reached # 11 in the same week
  • #30 in Calgary on August 24
  • #14 in Winnipeg on February 15, 2007

His first CD The City sold over 13,000 copies and is still selling across the country. Train 64 is named after the Via Rail route traveled on, by Eugene, after relocating to the burgeoning Montreal music scene from Toronto. He moved back to his native Toronto in May 2008. The City included the reworking of the classic Ave Maria (Pulse) that gained radio airplay at mainstream stations like CHFI to CBC Radio.

His latest and 4th CD called ‘Distinctively Unclassified’ was written as a response to the stressful times that our society is emerging into. “My newest CD is meant to stimulate the mind to help deal with this chaotic world. The compositions are unorthodoxly compiled, and the songs can be shuffled without the album losing its flow. The main theme is that the world doesn't follow a coherent cause-and-effect routine, and is pretty much a loosely organized chaos, and life is an improvisation which is not always in logical harmony with society.”

When Dr.Draw was still busking for a living, people working in the office towers nearby often called the joyful musician “doctor.” He had the ability to cure the common blues and uplift the spirits of even the most cynical passer-by. If positive energy has been a consistent element of Dr. Draw’s career, then genre bending is certainly another trademark. In fact, his renditions of classical masterpieces as well as his original compositions defy singular classification. Is it “Beethoven with beats” as one critic described Dr. Draw’s music or are the sounds more at home in a downtown lounge with a dry martini in hand? Perhaps the better question is who cares when it sounds this good, this seductive, this satisfying?

Unfettered by music’s traditional boundaries, Dr. Draw and his talented band pull together an organic blend of instruments that satisfies eclectic audiences. Added to Dr. Draw’s violin strings are the instruments of his musical collective: an award-winning guitarist, electronic keyboard specialist, electric harpist, rock bassist and drummer. At a recent performance in Boston, a writer for Newsweekly reported that “a young violinist - an attractive guy who goes by the moniker Dr. Draw - stole the show with his infectious performance of high energy, piping out a mix of classical and house musical sounds from his electric violin. The show allegedly literally brought some to tears.”

Born in Moscow to a family immersed in classical music, the young boy learned the power and drama of performance from his ballerina mother. He practised his beloved violin sometimes up to six hours a day, hardly willing to stop for breaks. When Eugene’s parents moved to Canada, he was enrolled at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music. Ultimately constrained by the school’s formal approach to music, Eugene left the institution in favour of the street where he was free to improvise and experiment. Brandishing his beloved violin and an unlimited imagination, the teenager threw himself into his music like never before. With a marked passion and unmistakable gift, Dr. Draw’s performances drew growing audiences and he was soon “discovered” by Canada’s largest newspaper that enthusiastically declared him one of the country’s most promising young performers. Draw has been based the last two years in Montreal and previously in Toronto.


What others are saying lately about Dr. Draw:

Dr. Draw …. has seemingly become as indispensable to this upscale brand (Louis Vuitton) as its handbag line! Toronto, Newport, San Francsico, New York, Montreal, Honolulu. Wherever there’s a Louis Vuitton, this fella and his genius fingers appear to be…. A little Hendrix, a little Handel! The pretty much sums up this guy’s métier from where we stand.

-National Post columnist Shinan Govani in “String Theorist rules universe.”

Crowd control isn’t typically a concern at violin recitals, but then Eugene Draw isn’t your typical violinist…. His rise to fame may be the stuff of rock ‘n roll legend, but his music defies any such pat formulas. A curious fusion of classical, disco, rock, blues and folk beats, with reggae and electronica mixed in, Draw’s beat-packed fiddling references Mingus and Marley, Beethoven and Bowie…. Jumping through frenetic sets, cartoon eyes popping, bleached-blond hair flying, Draw is a blur to behold. Like his music, he just can’t be pinned down.

-James Calvert, Toronto Life magazine

Moscow-born, Montreal-based rock-star violinist Dr. Draw (Eugene to his mother) stops by Hugh’s Room for two nights of genre-hopping music-making. Featuring the 24 year-old’s improvisational takes on old masterpieces as well as his own experimental compositions, his high-energy shows have brought audiences to their knees across North America.

- T.O. Do column, National Post
Praise for the CD “Adagio”

Eugene Draw is a fine violinist. He has released a new CD, Adagio and with the mastery of a surgeon Dr. Draw paints a picture of classical romanticism on a meeting with folk, pop, rock, funk and jazz-rock fusion. Through an easy listening 12 tracks, this slick production visits a varied mix of styles, all anchored with the sophisticated, classical sounding electric violin of Dr. Draw.

-Jazz Review, jazzreview.com
Praise for “Train 64”

The CD starts off with a haunting melody and an energy that pulls you into his world, a controlled confusion that makes you feel lost on a (train) ride you are about to take with him. In the middle of the track, you can almost feel the engine moving. Eugene’s energy is unparalleled and his influences are vast, I almost see each track as a different stop, a different expression of his musical journey…. Musically brilliant!

-Chester Wong, ggt.com