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Down With The Butterfly is a progressive pop rock quartet. Their music is intense, beautiful, and insightful. They are conscious of sharing with their neighbours and they do not shop at malls. They download music but they still buy cds. They are lighthearted guys who take their band very seriously. Down With The Butterfly is a family of idealists trying to make sense of a beautiful world that often tears us apart.

Down With The Butterfly is made up of David Scholten, Kris Pope, Jason Burns, and Ian Sherwood, but sometimes the group expands with the addition of strings and other things. Though it's difficult to describe their music, it sounds a bit like Brit-Rock meets American folk music with a hint of train-wreck drumming. Their songs challenge listeners, not because the band wants audiences to work for it, but simply put: if a Down With The Butterfly song does not need to return to a chorus, it just doesn't, and moves off in a carefully arranged manner.

Down With The Butterfly is from Eastern Canada and is inspired and encouraged there. Since their first show in May of 2005, Down With The Butterfly has completed multiple tours of Eastern Canada, playing more than a hundred shows within six provinces. The band chose to give away free copies of their pre-production demo recordings while touring, but instead received donations and went on to unexpectedly sell over 300 units of their self-titled demos. The band has charmed and won over university audiences and all-ages crowds, as well as headlining weekend performances at 200+ capacity venues and opening in support of larger touring acts.

Their debut album, RISE, was released in May of 2006. In order to achieve the desired sonic landscape, the album was recorded in five different studios in Nova Scotia: Tyler Messick's studio, Redfish Audio, The Sonic Temple, Liquid Digital Media, and Common Grounds Studio. It was mastered by Noah Mintz of Lacquer Channel Mastering.

Here's what some people are saying about the new record:

"(Rise) is confident and tuneful, with David Scholten's dramatic vocals offset by Kris Pope's saw-toothed guitar work. Down With The Butterfly mixes atmospheric soundscapes with direct emotional telegrams for a potent musical experience."
[Stephen Cooke The Halifax Chronicle Herald]

"This debut release from alt-rock Halifax quartet is another excellent example of why (Halifax) remains on the leading edge of the Canadian music scene.

Clever melodies and strong arrangements are driven by edgy guitars, pounding percussion and strong, shadowy vocals.

Production issues aside, DWTB evoke early Sonic Youth, Television, and Eric's Trip with this street smart soundscape of songs that will stir you to recall everything that is incredible about indie-rock. A solid start for an avant-garde band on the rise."
[Stephen Clare - The Daily News/HFX News]

"This is an accomplished album for a young, emerging band that plays with confidence and sonic verve... Listen closely to "Tank": this is an intelligently rendered song about the dangers, globally, of life with your head up your arse."
[Sean Flinn - The Coast Halifax Weekly]

"The music of Down WIth the Butterfly reminds me of a lot of things. This particular song reminds me of early REM, and that's a good thing. I can't quite put my finger on why, but it's there. I think it's the drums and the bass. There's also a confidence to it that works as well, though early Stipe was notoriously shy. But when the drums rolls starting hitting around the two minute mark (of the song blue and green) and the singer starts howling, it's clear that these dudes have a direction in mind."
[Music For Robots]