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The Danny Mainstreet Band


What makes The Danny Mainstreet Band essentially maritime is not their sound, but their unbowed determination to make their mark in their own uncompromising way. A carved-in-stone pact between brothers determined to make forge their own destiny, or go down in flames trying. THAT is what makes them a maritime band.

As a band, they are everything that we look for when searching out new talent to feature. The Danny Mainstreet Band is equal parts hard work, talent, guts and commitment. To describe their sound is not the simplest of tasks. They are a very unique stew and direct reference points are hard to nail down. They can slap you around like vintage Aerosmith, tackle your cerebral time and space or take the listener on an emotional thrill ride. They are dynamic. They are "all-terrain".

A Norm Love guitar solo can have you hanging on for dear life with each fluid note. Ben Hughes owns any room he plays. He's a born performer and a natural frontman. There is no irony in the fact that Chris Gillis is the drummer...he's the heartbeat of the group, night after night delivering the goods and keeping it loose on the stage. He's the glue that keeps them such a formidable unit. On the night of their landmark live debut in Fredericton, he played the entire set with a broken kick-foot.

The unspoken maritime mantra has always been "get the job done" no matter what it takes and The Danny Mainstreet Band takes that creed and ups the ante. They take great pride in never once having disappointed their paying patrons, while picking up and dusting off converts all along the way. This is a band that performs with a great deal of heart. However, it's not just on their sleeves, they've wiped it all over themselves. THAT is what makes them such a great maritime band.