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David Matheson Artist: David Matheson
Title: David Matheson
Year: 2001
$15.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Drive Too Much -- No  
2 Canít Get It Open -- No  
3 Fussy Baby -- No  
4 You Remind Me -- No  
5 Girls With Guitars -- No  
6 Hay -- No  
7 Cedartown -- No  
8 Old Love -- No  
9 Fibber -- No  
10 Brainard -- No  
11 Get Me Some -- No  
12 Please Take Care -- No  

Produced by David Matheson
Recorded by Keith Mariash with additional recording by Adam Faux & David Matheson
Mixed by John D.S. Adams & David Matheson

Musicians: David Matheson (guitars, vocals, dobro, keyboards, harmonica, banjo, saxaphone, lap steel), Maury Lafoy (bass), Mark Mariash (drums), Lee Whalen (harmonies), Gavin Brown (drums), James Miller (harmonies), Glenn Morley (orchestral realization), Michael Danckert (harmonies),