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This guy has been making music a long time. He grew up in the Toronto suburb of Thornhill and went to the high school that members of By Divine Right, Hhead, Change of Heart, and Moxy Früvous also attended.

"You couldn't graduate until you got through 'Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' in french or hebrew. " is how he put it.

Those days found him working as an actor on various television shows and movies, playing in bands, and signing out any instruments he could lay hands from the music department. Acting work paid for music lessons from some great jazz piano teachers, and he always had a few students of his own as well.

A founding member of Moxy Früvous, he's toured all over North America and the U.K. with them, delighting audiences with the high energy performances that are Früvous' trademark.

In september of 2000 Moxy Früvous went on hiatus and Matheson took the opportunity to venture into other areas: film soundtracks, jingles, sessions, performing regularly at tapings of The Royal Canadian Airfarce TV show, with Tory Cassis, Irish tenor Jimmy Carton and others.

He also made his first solo record entitled, oddly enough, David Matheson. Its an album of original material, quieter and more personal than a lot of Moxy's stuff, and featuring some great instrumental work from Maury Lafoy on the acoustic bass and drummers Mark Mariash and Gavin Brown.

Matheson adds a lot of dobro, giving the album a bit of a country flavour, but the overall sound is more in the folky singer/songwriter tradition.

"Whenever faced with a musical problem, I kept thinking, 'How would Perry Como do it?' and then I'd draw a bath ..."

Currently working on a myriad of projects in his hometown of Toronto, David is most often found in the backyard affixing old hockey cards to the spokes of his ten-speed, "..tryna get that sooouuunnd..."