Don Kerr

The Sniffing Princess Book/CD
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The Sniffing Princess Artist: Don Kerr
Title: The Sniffing Princess
Year: 1999
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Title Length Sample  
1 The Sniffing Princess 2:38 No  
2 The Sweet-Tooth Prince 2:05 No  
3 The Chocolate King 3:11 No  
4 Reading The Story 5:17 No  
5 Slowly Off To A Dream 3:12 No  

Produced & written by Don Kerr
Mastered by Noah Mintz
Book printed by Jean Brophey

Musicians: Don Kerr (vocals, guitar, drums, cello, tuba), Mike Hott (piano, organ, vocals, percussion, ideas), Peter Murray (bass), Doug Tielli (trombone, baritone horn), Sarah McElcheran (recorder), Lisa Kilgour (flute), Cora Simone (clarinet)