Don Kerr

The Sniffing Princess Book/CD
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"The Sniffing Princess
is a rhyming children's story with drawings, stickers and an accompanying cd.

It is the story of two innocent but spoiled children who unknowingly destroy the forest and chase away all the animals, just by having too much irresponsible fun.

Don't be alarmed, all ends well after adventures with an army of bees, a king with a chocolate crown, a dancing horse, a huge purple sneeze, bit of stinky old cheese and a queen bee who sings!

Each copy is hand-bound, colourful, and printed on very nice paper.The cd contains five songs that pertain to the story.

Don Kerr plays drums and cello and sings.Between playing with the Rheostatics and Ron Sexsmith, and operating the gas station recording studio, Don sometimes writes songs.