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Daydreams For Dollars

Matt Lemay and Cory Zadorozny met at a house party in the summer of 2006 and a natural chemistry was formed when the two began an impromptu jam. Thus began the birth of Daydreams For Dollars, a name which defines the perfect cliché of the average man trying to succeed in what he takes pride in.

With the melodies and smooth guitar licks down; all Matt needed was a tight band so it was a great coincidence that Cory had just exited the limelight and was looking to start on a fresh project. In the first years fresh out of high school Cory joined forces with Sam Roberts. Sam quickly climbed the charts which allowed Cory to do two world tours and share the big stage with many of music's top guns. After a 10 year stretch and many shows later, Cory decided to come home to Pembroke... back to the roots as they say.

After many shows and hours in the lab, Daydreams for Dollars have released their first full length record, simply titled Back in the Day. The record was recorded at French Kiss Studios and produced by well respected producer/engineer Jordon Zadorozny. Working with artists such as Courtney Love, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Cornell, Jordon was just the type of producer Daydreams For Dollars was seeking to capture their unique sound. Upon its release Back in The Day has been met with great reception amongst traditional and online radio stations as well as sustaining constant buzz and praise among fans new and old.

Daydreams For Dollars is currently touring various cities in support of their latest release.