Dave Dunlop

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For 25 years Dave Dunlop has balanced his work as a songwriter, producer and studio guitarist with his touring work in the award-winning "Strung-Out Troubadours", the "Rik Emmett Band", and "Jeans 'n Classics".

Dave's 20 year working relationship with Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee Rik Emmett includes their duo project "Strung-Out Troubadours" (6 albums & counting), with Dave co-writing, recording, co-producing, mixing and performing, all in his Room 9 studio. The strength of the duo's chemistry has snared them several Canadian music awards.

Dave's band "The Full Nine", in which he was lead guitarist & songwriter, signed to Disney's Mammoth Records in 2001 and they had chart success with the single "Not Over".

In 2008, Dave joined re-formed Canadian Music Hall of Famers, "Triumph", supporting the original line-up of Rik Emmett, Gil Moore and Mike Levine. He has also played with Bo Diddley, Mike Reno (Loverboy), Ron Sexsmith, Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Mark Jordan, and many others.

He has been an integral member of "Jeans 'n Classics" since 2005, traveling around North America playing live pop and rock shows with orchestras, including the music of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and more.

In 2005, Dave built "Room 9" studio in his Toronto home, and has recorded & produced countless projects ever since, including Mascot recording artist Lyric Dubee and Canadian east coast legend Ron Hynes.

Dave most recently co-produced, co-engineered and co-mixed the upcoming Mascot Records release "Rik Emmett & Resolution 9" (Res9), working with Alex Lifeson of Rush, James LaBrie of Dream Theater, and Triumph members Gil Moore and Mike Levine.

On Oct 18 2016, Dave will release his long-awaited, full length album called "Monarch Girl", which actually has two distinct sides. The first six songs are a mix of pop & rock, with explosive grooves, sweet vocals and his signature guitar playing. The next six songs highlight Dave's diverse, acoustic playing and composing. Special guests include Randy Cooke (Ringo Starr, Smashmouth), Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell, Rik Emmett), Don Breithaupt (Monkey House), Rik Emmett, Steve Skingley, David Blamires (Pat Metheny), Kathryn Rose and Rique Franks.

Dave endorses Dean Guitars, Traynor amplifiers and D'Addario Strings.