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David Bradstreet Artist: David Bradstreet
Title: David Bradstreet
Year: 2002
$17.00 CDN 
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(approx. EURO 11.01 €)
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Title Length Sample  
1 Intro 1:12 No  
2 One Way Or Another 2:28 No  
3 Renaissance 3:57 No  
4 Distant Fields 3:55 No  
5 Main Street Solilquy 2:47 No  
6 Long Long Road 3:57 No  
7 Waiting This Long 3:16 No  
8 When The Sun Arrivers 2:37 No  
9 Beresford Street 4:11 No  
10 From Here I See 4:33 No  
11 Can You Feel The Earth 3:29 No  
12 Cover To Cover 2:41 No  

Recorded and mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound, NYC
Engineered by Ed Stasium, assisted by John Hazen

Musicians: David Bradstreet (vocals, BGs, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, mandolin), Carl Keese (electric bass, clarinet, BGs), Jerry Marotta (drums, percussion), Bob Mann (electric and acoustic guitars), Lance Quinn (electric and acoustic guitars), Peter Phillips (piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, MiniMoog), Dick Armin (cello), Paul Armin (viola), Corol McCartney (strings), Barb McDougall (strings), Vicki Richards (strings), Bill Richards (strings), Chris Dedrick (string arrangements)

Renaissance Artist: David Bradstreet
Title: Renaissance
Year: 1998
$17.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $11.95)
(approx. EURO 11.01 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 No Turning Back 4:41 No  
2 Language Lies 4:52 No  
3 The Handout 4:58 No  
4 Renaissance 4:06 No  
5 Two Minds 4:27 No  
6 High Ground 4:39 No  
7 I Just Walk Away 5:04 No  
8 Another Human Failing 3:41 No  
9 We Walk These Streets 3:26 No  
10 The Next Boat Train 3:49 No  
11 Holding My Breath 1:53 No  
12 Oaklands 1:35 No  

Recorded spring/summer 1998 at Oaklands, Toronto
Produced by David Bradstreet
Mixed by John Switzer & David Bradstreet at Oaklands
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel

Musicians: David Bradstreet (voice, BGs, guitars, piano, midi), Carl Keese (electric bass), Al Cross (drums), Oliver Schroer (fiddle), Billie Hughes (vocals), Rebecca Campbell (vocals), Jane Siberry (vocals), Ronda Rindone (clarinet), Denis Keldie (accordion), Jesse Bradstreet (guitar), Alice Bradstreet (voice)