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"Let's dance that old dance once more..."

David Bradstreet - a working musician for over thirty-five years. Widely known for his work as a composer, songwriter and vocalist - fourteen albums bearing his name - a high profile Juno Award early in his career - subsequent Juno nominations and music credits including film and television soundtracks and scoring, talent discovery, and record production for a variety of artists set him apart as one of the great contributors to Canada's musical fabric.

For years that long road was the description of David's life. Making the journey from England to Canada as a child with his parents, working the college circuit in the U.S. from 1968 on as a solo performer and achieving rising star status in Canada on the folk club trail in the early '70s. Hooking up with Lazarus and hanging with the superstars of American folk and rock - having one of his songs ('Renaissance') become a standard through a hit version by Valdy - and then his career as a recording artist, which led to the Juno for Best New Male Vocalist 1977.

That late '70s phase of David's career, which included two high profile albums on A&M, (David Bradstreet and Dreaming in Colour) was one of major tours and high profile appearances. When Bradstreet opted to go the independent route he discovered both the advantages and the disadvantages of maintaining a profile outside the major labels. He recorded another solo album (Black & White) in 1981, but then developed a completely new phase of his career.

He became a record producer, releasing the first album by a then unknown Jane Siberry on his own Street Records label in 1981, and another by his former Lazarus partner Billie Hughes the same year. Hughes, along with Carl Keesee from that band continued to cross paths with David, including co-production on the excellent tribute album to Canadian singer/songwriters, Horton Bates & Best during the '80s as well.

David, however, found more happiness in the '80s and throughout the '90s by putting live performances on hold and developing a new career built around his skills as a musician, composer, and record producer. In that time he has created music for films, including the short Collateral Damage, which received a Genie nomination, as well as the excellent TSN tele-documentary on sports, For the Love of the Game, which garnered for him a Gemini Nomination. He also produced a series of new-age music albums with noted nature recordist Dan Gibson which has led to three other Juno Nominations in the Best Instrumental Album category. British Airlines has created a channel on all of its airplanes featuring David's relaxation music exclusively. "Natural Stress Relief" achieved Platinum status in 2002 and "Natural Sleep Inducement" is Gold.

He was co-producer of the new CD compilation, Tears of a Thousand Years, a benefit project for September 11th.

Renaissance, is David's newest song album and the reviews have been, frankly, glowing. His first A&M album "David Bradstreet", has recently been re-released under the new Universal Music banner, The Heritage Series.

( from an article by Greg Simpson )