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After completing the OZZFEST tour in 1998, singer Adam Sewell quit the band Monster Voodoo Machine and started DAMN 13. A number of friends, felons and riot inciters have helped out over the years with the new band while Sewell figured out what the hell he wanted to do with his life. (Here's the part of the bio where we try to compare DAMN 13 to other bands, so that you can kinda guess where they fit into the 'big scheme of things' in the musical universe....)

Combining the high octane energy of groups like White Zombie and Monster Magnet with the intensity of Machine Head and / or Danzig, DAMN 13 are a full-on RIOT ROCK experience. Massive riffs and ass - shakin' rhythm's combined with Sewell's direct, colorful [email protected]#! lyrics (about his own isolationist / loner outlook on society) make for a full attack on the senses. (OK, not the greatest description, but we tried... )

The band has released one 4 song CD/EP 'The Dynamite Gospel' (Sweet Tooth Recordings), were invited to performed live on Much Music, have received strong radio play with the track 'Destroy a*GO*GO' and played shows with AFI, Biohazard, Fear Factory, V.O.D., Motorhead and the Backyard Babies. Having been a sort of 'project' over the past few years DAMN 13 is ready to go full force into the future...

Currently, the band line up consists of: Adam Sewell- vocals / Mike Charette- guitar / Mat Lunden- bass / Johhny T.- guitar. DAMN 13 are currently finishing work on a new CD/EP which will be released this spring.