Captain Tractor

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The facts are well known. Six years ago the Tractor revved it's engines and spewed forth the critically acclaimed, award winning debut album Land.

Once the wheels were in motion, there was no turning back. They took their dynamite-packed, roof–raising live show on the road across Canada, the US (several times) and through Europe and New Zealand.

The albums East Of Eden (1995) and Bought the Farm (1997) were released to more popular and critical acclaim. Along the way Captain Tractor amassed awards, trophies, videos, record breaking sales and an international fan base

After years of skirmishes near the borders of roots, pop, punk and rock these Prairie Warriors have conquered with their unmistakable energetic pop sound on their new CD, Hoserista.

Hoserista adds another chapter to the incredible independent story Captain Tractor has built, selling more than 40,000 units of their four previous releases in Canada.