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Crush Luther

How do you find the words to describe a band that uses such unique colors to create their musical paintings? With Crush Luther, it’s not easy.

Formed in Toronto in 2002 and consisting of Luther Mallory (vocals/guitar), Matt Leitch (guitars/keys), Ryan Snyder (bass/vocals) and PJ Herrick (drums), Crush Luther are that band….incredibly difficult to describe musically. A bit of Rickie Lee Jones here, a dash of Lyle Lovett there and a pinch of slick pop sensibility comprises the musical landscape that is Crush Luther.

The group has very quickly made a name for themselves in the world music scene. Releasing their self-titled debut in February of 2007 on High 4 Records (owned by Goldfinger drummer Darrin Pfeiffer), Crush Luther experienced success quicker then most bands do. Their first single City Girl quickly shot to the number one spot on the MuchMoreMusic countdown. Their second single, The Cools, enjoyed heavy rotation on MuchMusic plus a number two spot on MuchTop10s.

Crush Luther did multiple nation-wide tours in support of the release and appeared on several national TV shows including ET Canada, Breakfast TV, YTV’s The Zone and Canada AM. But after the success of their debut album, the band hit a rough patch - three members left, leaving only Luther Mallory and Matt Leitch.

Mallory says, “It seemed impossible to continue. More than half the band had quit. But, Matt and I have played in bands together since we were 16 years old so what else were we really going to do? It was either find a way to rebuild, or become those people who live normal, respectable lives. The choice was obvious.”

With a fresh line up and a renewed sense of determination, the guys of Crush Luther have recorded another full length CD, in stores Oct. 13th 2009, and will no doubt build on the success of their self-titled debut. 2009 looks to be another great year for Crush Luther.