Crash Parallel

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Crash Parallel

Tim Edwardsvocals - Guitar, Piano
Danny Saitua - Lead Guitar
Gary Rugala - Bass
John Vitellaro - Drums
Rob Bezanson - Piano

“In life I find we work really hard to get our lives on a parallel. It is my belief, that when we get close, a crash occurs to keep life both challenging and emotionally driven. The crash is where I found a lot of my inspiration for writing the songs on this record. - Tim Edwards on naming the band

Drawing inspirations from their musical influences Pearl Jam, David Gray, Coldplay and Counting Crows, Crash Parallel's major label debut World We Know features 11 tracks that flow through melody and rock to create a promising release for SONY BMG MUSIC CANADA INC. on May 6th, 2008.

Having penned the entire album, World We Know is a testament to the band’s passion and talent for writing songs. “We wanted to create an album that everyone can relate to by writing songs that evoke feeling in people. Essentially the album is about the way we cope with different situations in the world we know today,” explains lead singer Edwards. “It’s storytellers with a bit of an edge.”

The album was recorded at Chalet Studios in Ontario, produced by Dan Weston (City and Colour, Attack In Black), who also helped co-write “Not That Simple” and “Save Yourself” on the album and mixed by Mark Makoway (Buck 65, Sarah Slean, David Usher, Mat Mays).

How it all began, the writing team…

With a history spanning over a decade, vocalist Tim Edwards and guitarist Danny Saitua didn’t start writing together till 4 years ago. Edwards had been working on material on his acoustic guitar and called upon Saitua to help him add more elements to the songs. “At the time I was producing hip hop and I had no interest in working on rock songs, but agreed to one session as a favor to Tim,” admits Saitua.

But there was no way for the two to predict what would happen next… The reunion was explosive and after only one writing session together the two completed the song “Long Night Dreaming”. It became immediately evident that they had a similar vision in musical direction the style and chemistry was undeniable. In fact, that first song the duo wrote ultimately caught the ear of Global Television Executives and landed the full song a spot on the Season 1 Finale of the hit drama Falcon Beach.

With their natural ability to pair lyrics with music the two set out to compose more songs. “The songwriting process for me starts with a mood, a thought, a lyric, a story or an idea that has inspired me or touched me in some way” claims Edwards. “It develops with the intent to deliver a final product that really tells the story, not just in words and melody, but also in all parts and all instruments.” For Saitua “it is imperative that the music fits the mood of the lyrics. Tim and I agreed that the key to songwriting is to use our instinct and to never compromise.”

Crash Parallel is born…

As the songs grew, Edwards called upon Johnny Vitellaro, a talented drummer he knew from high school, and Gary Rugala a local bass player. “When Tim called me up I didn’t think I was going to have enough time to commit to the project,” admits Vitallaro. “But when I heard the music I knew that I had to be involved.”

Time passed and before long the band had more than enough content to choose from. “Collectively we wanted to achieve an album of songs that were relatable to one another but each had their own voice. There were songs we loved but we felt they fell outside the box of this record so they didn’t make the cut,” says Edwards.

The end result was World We Know a collaboration of songs that showcase Crash Parallel’s diversity in range of emotion, melody and tempo.

The band’s first single and title track “World We Know” is a heartfelt rock song that issues a call to action for listeners to take responsibility for the destruction-taking place in the world. “I started thinking a lot about the world and how people are connected whether through love, hate, beliefs, sympathy or disaster and I asked myself: Why weren’t we taking action to protect our world? What are we waiting for?” explains Edwards.

Having drawn many of the songs from personal experiences, “Rain Delays” is song that is very personal to Edwards. “This song was a metaphor for my life at the time, I was working at a bar and it was as though I was waiting out a rain delay before I moved on to the next phase in my life,” claims Tim. “I also love Danny’s kick ass guitar solo at the end of the song, in the studio we would all play air guitar along with him.”

The band also slow things down on the album demonstrated beautifully in the intimate piano ballad “Autumn Leaves” a striking depiction of the emotional cycle that people go through with the change of the seasons.