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Chris Picco

Chris Picco's latest release, the aptly titled 'Ferris Wheel', finds him back on his home turf in St. John's, NL. and teamed up with producer/engineer Mark Neary (member of popular local rockers, The Novaks).

Kicking off with the catchy playfulness of 'Suite 16 - I', and featuring some of Newfoundland’s finest musicians such as Mark Bragg, Barry Ledrew (Brothers In Stereo), along with Elliot Dicks, Mark Neary and Mick Davis of The Novaks, 'Ferris Wheel' marks a step in a bold and exciting new direction for Picco.

The eclectic style he crafted on his 2005 MusicNL (The Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador) nominated debut ‘The Passenger’ still remain, but this time around there is more emphasis on bigger production and stirring arrangements.

Sparse acoustic compositions such as 'Robinson Crusoe' and 'Ferris Wheel' are punctuated with moody wurlitzers, glockenspiel and Fender Rhodes piano, while 'I Always Fall in Love' and 'Same Old Song' are lead by big electric guitars and revive the classic pop-rock sound of the 1970s. Lyrically, the songs travel from moody melancholy moments to a quirky surreality earning Chris his growing reputation as a songwriter’s songwriter.

Just ask legendary songwriter Ron Hynes, who has stated, "I consider Chris Picco to be at the vanguard of the young, new, adventurous Newfoundland songwriting community".

Recently Picco showcased at the 2007 ECMA's in Halifax, and was featured as one of the top ten artists to watch for in Downhome magazine. It was in Halifax that Picco met with seasoned mixing engineer Laurence Currie (Sloan, In Flight Safety, Wintersleep), who gives 'Ferris Wheel' its sophisticated appeal.

'Ferris Wheel' suitably symbolizes a turning point for Picco. "After so many years in Toronto, I think coming home to record this album in an exciting music scene like St. John's, was the best thing I could have done. I feel like everything has come full circle."