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Colleen And Paul

Colleen & Paul merges the multi-faceted talents of two highly respected members of the Toronto music community, Colleen Hixenbaugh and Paul Linklater. The creative chemistry between the duo dates back to a first encounter five years ago. Colleen was then touring internationally and recording as guitarist in Canadian indie rock icons By Divine Right while Paul was beginning to get noticed on the Toronto scene via his acclaimed band The Scribbled Out Man (also featuring Don Kerr, of Rheostatics and Ron Sexsmith fame). A mutual respect and instantaneous rapport lead to the formation of their first musical partnership, the recording and touring rockband Jackandginger. Their respective other commitments then took over and the outfit disbanded, but the strength of the creative bond between Colleen and Paul kept the writing partnership alive.

Almost effortless, Colleen and Paulís approach to songwriting is in perfect balance, with the pair excelling in completing songs the other has started. Comfortable in these complementary strengths, Colleen and Paul freely challenge each other in other aspects of their creative partnership. For Colleen, it is her acceptance to harnesses the full power of her lush voice, while Paul is continually inspired by Colleenís lyrical honesty and searches to refine and clarify his own approach. Together, the whole is even greater than the sum of the strong individual parts.