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Ian Blurton: vocal, guitar
Katie Lynn Campbell: bass, vocal
Randy Curnew: drums

How do you write about something that needs to be experienced? Do you set pen to paper, finger to keyboard? Do you blabber exclamations in a feeble attempt to dramatize the every day rituals of ďrockiní?Ē How do you explain how a heart moves or the way Címon are stuck on the web of community and are loviní every minute of it? Címon controls its own destiny but also realizes that without the help of friends and comrades, they couldnít make their way from town to town or country to country spreading gospel to the zealots. And lord knows there are a million bands in a million vans traveling across a thousand lands on their way to the next gig. In The Heat Of The Moment was recorded in two different sessions at Chemical Sound in Toronto. The first was with Al P (Death From Above 1979, The Bloody Mannequins) for three days in January 2005. For the second session Daryl Smith (Sloan, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Destroyer, Slow Loris) flew in from Victoria, recorded seven more songs, did the overdubs and mixed the whole thing in seven tiring days. The entire process was analog and utilized lots of vintage gear (Hello, ribbon mics). The old amps were cranked (spitting and wheezing to keep up), the rusty drum stands creaked, the tape was saturated and the band sweated. What has been created is an amplified sound that pours over and surrounds you. Címon is a power trio (Hello, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Melvins, Nirvana and Budgie). There are three of them. Katie Lynn lives in New Orleans (thatís NOLA to you) and used to rock the low end of Nashville Pussy and Famous Monsters (Sean Ysealt Ė ex White Zombie project). Ian formerly played guitar and/or sang with Bionic and Change Of Heart. He has also produced records for Cursed, Tricky Woo and The Weakerthans. Randy plays drums and first hooked up with Ian in Blurtonia. They both live in Toronto. Címon formed in the summer of í03 armed with a mission statement promising they would work hard and fast (hello Husker Du, The Smiths). Short concise songs that made their point and got the word out would reflect that ethic. The average length of a Címon song? 2:20 minutes. They wrote, they released EPís and vinyl on their own Blown Speaker Records, they made their first record Midnight Is The Answer (for which they jammed seven times and then recorded / self-produced in seven days). The band began playing live in January 2004 and have since crossed Canada (Newfoundland to Nanaimo) three times sharing the stage with the likes of The MC3/DTK, The Darkness, Nomeansno, The Kills, Tricky Woo, Danko Jones, Backyard Babies, Death From Above 1979 and The Constantines. On their first tour (Hello, Iron Giant and Maximum RNR) they self released a four song EP and for their second they released their debut LP on gold vinyl (this ten songír came with a free CD of the same record). MapleMusic Recordings then re-released it on CD and put it in stores. Címon enjoys relying on positive word of mouth and dealing directly with the customer (Hello, Poland, Japan, England, Greece and Ireland) In August 2005 ďMidnightĒ will be released in Europe Ė Delboy (Belgium) on LP/CD. Címon works by any means necessary (unless it means fucking someone over) and have toured in hatchbacks and borrowed vans using borrowed gear. Theyíve seen a UFO together (Hello, Gagetown), fucked up together, risen above together, walked together and rocked together. They use the last 50 years of rock as their palate (Link Wray to Black Sabbath to Crime to Turbo Negro) and have cut out a stencil to spray paint their name in your town. Címon are soular powered. Join the army of love because this heat is a moment in time.