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Chris McKhool

Hailed as a “Children’s musical star” (National Post) and “Canada’s greatest eco-troubadour for young people” (Mississauga Living Arts Centre), Chris McKhool is one of Canada’s hottest children’s musicians. Chris has been touring across Canada with his children’s concerts for ten years, reaching almost 1 million children, and has appeared on Mr. Dressup, YTV’s Treehouse, TVOntario’s Crawlspace and the CBC.

A champion of environmental issues, Chris won a 2005 Green Toronto Award of Excellence and was a finalist for the Environment Canada Action Award for his work in schools and communities across Canada with his CD and concert Earth, Seas & Air. He has also won a Parent’s Choice Award in the U.S. for his CD of the same name, produced by Ken Whiteley (Raffi). He has been the recipient of Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, FACTOR and PromoFact Awards.

In 2005 Chris released his children’s CD, Celebrate! Holidays of the Global Village. Inspired by travels across Canada and around the world, Celebrate! is a groundbreaking collaboration with musicians from diverse cultures. It features songs about holidays from across the globe that are celebrated here in Canada, including Bodhi Day (Buddhist), Carnival (Quebec), Chanukah, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Indigenous traditions, Kwanzaa (African-American), Ramadan and Winter Solstice.

Chris has toured throughout Canada including Baffin Island and has appeared at the Ottawa, Vancouver, Thunder Bay and London International Children’s Festivals. He has also performed in the U.S, England, Cuba, Guatemala and in Tibetan schools across the Indian Himalayas.

With FiddleFire! Chris brings his love of violin to young audiences. Recorded in 2008, this CD features guest performances from some of Canada’s finest musicians including Ken & Chris Whiteley, Sultans of String, Anne Lederman, George Gao, Rick Lazar, Roman Borys (from The Gryphon Trio), Ernie Tollar and more. FiddleFire! has been performed live at festivals and schools across Canada, including Toronto Harbourfront’s Cushion Concert series, the Distillery Jazz Festival, and was the headliner for Toronto’s First Night at the Skydome/Rogers Centre.

Check out Chris McKhool’s world-jazz-flamenco band Sultans of String at

• Thanks to Ontario Arts Council for their support in creating new works and recording Earth, Seas & Air, and ‘Turtle Island!”.
• Thanks to Toronto Arts Council for their support in creating new works.
• Thanks to FACTOR for their support promoting ‘Celebrate!’
• Thanks to FACTOR for their support recording ‘FiddleFire!’
We acknowledge the financial support of Canada's private radio broadcasters as well as the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund for this project.

“Many have tried but none have come as close to capturing what it means to truly celebrate multiculturalism as Chris McKhool. The Toronto singer-songwriter epitomizes what many Canadians have come to love about this country.”
- Deanne Fisher, City Parent

"I was impressed by his musical virtuosity and personal appeal...His songs succeed!"
- Ernie Coombs,  (Mr. Dressup)

“Chris McKhool and the boys were fantastic!  They can play my Bar Mitzvah.”
- Bob Ezrin, producer (Pink Floyd, Kiss)
"Singer Chris McKhool is known as the Eco-Troubadour because he has the heart of an environmentalist and the songs to prove it...”
- Nancy Maes, Chicago Tribune

“Your combination of quality music, strong lyrics that speak to kids, and respect for your young audience was a real hit with children, parents and teachers.”
- Norma Graham, Vancouver International Children’s Festival

“…a very successful tour, with a great response from the children and teachers they performed for…a big hit with the students.”
- Marianne Woods, Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

“McKhool’s interactive concerts empower and motivate children, caregivers and educators to be active protectors of their environment, and inspire them to be environmental ambassadors within their community.”
- Green Living Magazine

“You are tremendous!  It was a great performance.  It was awesome and I love the multiculturalism!”
- Andrew Locker, Ontario Music Educators Association Conference Co-Chair