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Chloe Albert

Edmontonian Chloe Albert is well on her way to becoming acquainted with the rest of Canada one song at a time. Her debut album Dedicated State recently garnered the attention of the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Chloe took home the ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ award this past November.

‘In the few years following Chloe Albert's graduation from the music program at Edmonton's MacEwen College, she was kept busy piecing her debut album track by track, line by line, fitting in the writing, recording, arranging and producing in between life and work. This comes across when listening to her first recording, a beautiful gem she calls 'Dedicated State': it is clear that this is a woman who crafts her songs thoughtfully, writes the narratives as a storyteller would, taking her time to piece it together just right.’

‘I don't know how many times, while listening to the songs on the album, that I have to remind myself that this is but her first album; her voice is so soulful, there's a maturity and confidence to her singing that makes you think this is say, maybe a fourth or fifth album from a seasoned performer. Her voice is front and centre on this album, with some lovely clean production on this pop / folk / jazz tinged recording. If this is Chloe Albert's starting point, I am so very excited to hear where she'll go from here.’
- Kerf Music