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Day Dreaming Artist: Chin
Title: Day Dreaming
Year: 2001
$16.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $11.25)
(approx. EURO 10.36 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Magic -- No  
2 B-Boys Fly Girls -- No  
3 Daydreaming -- No  
4 Sol G -- No  
5 Anything -- No  
6 Donít Let The Boogie Pass -- No  
7 Give Away Your Soul -- No  
8 Rejoice -- No  
9 Show Me Love -- No  
10 Wireless -- No  
11 Logical Song -- No  
12 If You Ask Me -- No  
13 What We Could Be -- No  
14 Give -- No  

Produced By Chin Injeti and David Kershaw
Recorded at Glass Elevator Studios, The Crib, and The Factory

Musicians: Chin Injeti (keyboards, bass, guitars, turntable scratches, drum programming, vocals), Jamie Koffman (drums), Murray Atkinson (guitar), Brad Turner (keyboards), Russ Kline (guitar), David Kershaw (keyboards), "The People Get Ready Choir" (additional vocals), Suk Sandhu (guitar), Kenny Sam (tablas), Moka Only, Sahara MacDonald, Kathryn Rose, (vocals)