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Chris Boudreau

Chris Boudreauís story in professional music is one of quiet patience, and constant growth as an artist, while always doing the right thing for all around him. His unrelenting belief in the day where his story will be told as a solo artist was simply a matter of time and timing. He started his professional music career in the late 70s when he began working with the Moncton-based original group Avatar. Working as one of the vocalist/guitarists, he quickly chipped in on songwriting and worked out most of the arrangements for their only recording (unreleased) at CMS studios in Moncton. After that group disbanded in 1980 he then worked through a number of other groups, until in 1982 he decided to do the right thing for him and his wife to be; place his music career on hold in favour of an alternate career and raise a family. True to his word, they raised a family and Chris built a highly respected IT career.

However, he never could stay very far away from music; he purchased his own home studio in 1987 and by 1990 began playing in bar bands, which he continued right up until 2008. This work honed his skills in arrangements, stage presence, and abilities as a vocalist and guitarist, making him a seasoned veteran live performer. These are things that most young emerging artists canít count on as they begin their solo careers.

Chris got his first taste of big-time studio experience while contributing to the second album by Lost and Profound (Polygram, 1994) recorded at Manta Eastern studios in Toronto; there he got the chance to work with producer Richard Bennett (Billy Joel, Steve Earle). Chris began his work as arranger/producer in 1999 when he teamed up with Todd Geldart to produce all of Toddís three albums, who continues to swear by Chrisís abilities as an arranger, writer, and producer. During this time, Chris was able to work with legendary engineer/producer Jim Devito (Tom Petty, Don Henley, Creed), where on Toddís most recent and very successful album, Jerico Road, Chris co-produced this work with Jim Devito.

But now things have changed for Chris; he decided that after 18 years of playing in bars, and 10 years of producing other peopleís music, it was time for him to pick up where he left off in 1982. In 2008, he began writing the songs for his debut album and has finally found his true voice in these songs. All of his experience in life and music make for a very rich musical experience. The musicís many moods and subtleties are accompanied by lyrics that are heartfelt but also speak to social injustices such as womenís issues and the environment. He is determined to make a big mark on the music scene with this new album by putting all of his talent and energy to work for him instead of for others. This is Chrisís new career now and heís taking it to heart; heart and soul.