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Candy Coated Killahz

At the intersection of glitch, electro-rap, and pop, live the Candy Coated Killahz. The duo is the brainchild of Producer/Frontgirl Tasha Schumann and Frontman Icon the Anomali, who bang out heavy-hitters, combining gritty rhymes and forceful hooks. Having been compared to acts such as MIA, Robyn, Gwen Stefani, and Outkast, CCK exists at the frontier of urban-electronic, a sound the duo calls "Ghettotronic".

Now, with the release of Neon Black, their sophomore album, Candy Coated Killahz have an exciting year ahead. Paired with a breakthrough video by director Alon Isocianu, the title track (Neon Black) explores the darker, glitchier, and most epic regions of pop music. The duo teamed up with their DJ and frequent collaborator, Danthrax to produce the track, which has since been remixed by DJ Green Lantern (Eminem, Nas), Che Vicious (Wiz Khalifa, The Game), Swain (of Bonjay) and more. The record also features collaborations with Marc Costanzo of Len, Tino Zolfo, and Swedish producer Marten Tromm. Look forward to the upcoming video for Light Up This City, a gritty, anthemic, urban thriller also directed by Isocianu.

CCK’s live shows are notoriously sweaty, late-night riots. (At one of the group's 3am warehouse shows, a crowd of 400 dancing fans was ushered out by a parade of police who seized the group's gear on noise complaints.) Since the inception of Candy Coated Killahz in 2007, the group has shared the stage with heavy hitters like The Roots, The Gza (of WuTang Clan), Pitbull, T-Pain, The Cool Kids, and performed at major events such as VirginFest, Toronto International Film Festival, Under Pressure World Graffiti Festival, and more.

Instrumentally, Tasha is the whiz kid behind the Candy Coated Killahz sound. Also a classically trained pianist, Tasha is one of the industry’s few female producers, while Icon the Anomali, brings his genre-bending vocals and eclectic dance style to the duo. Also a talented visual artist, animator and game designer, Icon will be overseeing the design of the band’s iPhone game to be released in 2011.

CCK first came into national visibility with their debut single, Playboy, which initially appeared on their It Factor album (released on the band's own label, HotSteam Records). Playboy has appeared in Tyler Perry's blockbuster film, "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" and in several North American television series.