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The sounds that influence musicians need not be musical themselves. The Cash Brothers' rugged, evocative music owes as much to barren sounds of isolation as it does to any stylistic forefathers. Their soulful, deep voices intertwine like two rusty gates -- a startling urban inversion of vintage country brother duets. Guitars howl like wolves, sounding out wailing, distorted leads over beds of churning rhythm. Drums resound rustic clattering that colors the music as much as propels it. All of this sonic landscaping is mated with the Cash Brothers' knack for efficient, concise songs. Always tuneful and incisive, their songs vary from wry rockers to alluring, mysterious ballads.

Their debut release on ZoŽ records, How Was Tomorrow, is not only special on a musical level. It also marks the first time that Peter and Andrew Cash -- both longtime musicians -- collaborated with each other. "When we got together we searched around for a while looking for some common ground," says Andrew Cash. That common ground is manifested in their stunning vocal blend, which permeates both the catchy uptempo numbers as well as spellbinding slower pieces. "Unlikely as it sounds," he continues, "we had never sung much together at any time in our lives." The rush that the two siblings likely felt upon hearing their voices entangled with each other is the first sound from How Was Tomorrow that the listener hears.

"The first song we ever recorded was the opening song, "Raceway," says Andrew. "I remember the walk into the control room after we recorded it. We sat down, rolled the tape and from the first line of the song I knew we had a sound and a direction. The rest of the record just flowed from that one song."

The moving resilience of "Dream Awake" is a fitting epigraph for How Was Tomorrow. A single line from that song, "Over the concrete mountain range", shows a glimpse of a powerful story of burning hope amidst the cold walls of isolation, a theme which echoes throughout the album. The album's title How Was Tomorrow is a playful wink to the Cash Brothers' obvious joy in uniting, implying a future that is equally obvious in its potential. From the stunning sound of their bold beginnings, each of the Cash Brothers' tomorrows promises greater and greater rewards.