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Introducing CAZART RECORDS! The word "cazart" comes from the fevered imagination of American gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and means "Holy Shit I Should Have Known!"

Based in Vancouver, Cazart Records Inc. is a new Canadian independent label run by music industry insider Chris Brandt that is committed to bringing you artists you should know about. Starting in college radio in 1990, Chris graduated to a major label gig in 1997. He also has experience in band management, and is currently the Music Editor of The Point Magazine in Vancouver.

The label's first release, the 14-track compilation 'You Need This', will be in stores on March 9. It's music you need to hear by an exciting, diverse array of artists - some independent, and some signed but still essentially unknown - who continue to grow and succeed at their craft.

The compilation also includes previously unreleased material from former Delerium and Rose Chronicles vocalist Kristy Thirsk, acclaimed U.S. singer/songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips (Grant Lee Buffalo), and rising female hip-hop star Kia Kadiri.

Also featured is an exclusive track from Toronto singer-songwriter Emm Gryner that was written after she released her Juno-nominated album Asianblue. "I think these artists are amazing," says Brandt, founder and president of Cazart Records. "I would like to see them develop sustainable careers, and I hope Cazart can provide them with a platform to reach the next level of success."

Adds Brandt: "There are so many great acts out there without a record label, and with the new model for major labels there will be less room for new artists on their rosters. With Cazart Records, I'm looking forward to growing and developing acts as well as providing them with the exposure they deserve."