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After decades of watching Punky Brewster on TV and listening to a secret radio hidden under her mattress, char2d2 eventually left her home in Vancouver and flew to Paris. She returned with the hairdo of a five year old French boy and a fistful of new songs.

These songs made their way to Tegan Quin (Tegan and Sara), who fell madly in love with their sugary pop inflections and insisted on producing char2d2's debut EP. Rounding out the team, John Collins (The New Pornographers) and David Carswell stepped in to engineer and mix, and in such a manner Small Vampires EP was born.

Prior to her re-incarnation as char2d2, Charla McCutcheon played in Vancouver indie pop favorite Bella (Mint Records). She cut her teeth supporting such acts as The Breeders and Imperial Teen and released two critically acclaimed full lengths, 2007's No One Will Know and 2005's Pretty Mess.