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Brian Melo

There are always three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth.

The Truth about Hamilton singer-songwriter Brian Melo is that he became a household name in 2007 and embarked on a personal journey to in some small way change the world through music. His desire was to be more than just your average rock star; Brian wanted to write music that would excite, entertain and inspire his newly loyal fans. He also wanted to remain true to himself.

Brian’s debut album “Livin’ It” revealed his fast emerging songwriting instincts via the 5 co-writes included. The album achieved Gold Status and his first single “All I Ever Wanted” hit #1 on the charts, and became the unofficial anthem for the 2008 Canadian Summer Olympic Team. Brian charted two additional singles, “Shine” and “Summertime” from his debut and “Summertime” was also covered by Australian Idol winner Shannon Noll and was a Top 20 hit down under.

Over the last two plus years Brian’s had the opportunity to share the stage with some great artists, both during Idol (Queen, Maroon 5, and fellow Idol Kelly Clarkson) and afterward (Alanis Morissette.) His national tours saw him rock some of our country’s most legendary venues and partner with other rising stars like Faber Drive for whom he also guested on their “Sleepless Nights” single and video.

Behind the scenes Brian is a humble community member and leader, as evidenced early on in this journey when he was awarded the Nelly Furtado Award as Outstanding Portuguese Canadian by COPA. His support for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton prompted the organization to institute a Brian Melo Scholarship for emerging artists. He has also been a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, role model, performer or national spokesperson for the likes of Ronald McDonald House, Tim Horton’s Children Foundation, Hamilton Community Child Abuse Council, The Charity of Hope, MAD 4 Maddie and Heart for Haiti.

Cause related work seems to fuel Brian’s creative fire. “The rush that I’d feel after volunteering or performing for young kids or a great cause was incredible. They energized me and have definitely inspired some of my songwriting, “but I found inspiration for writing almost everywhere; in my family, in the stories about my hometown, in both the successes and struggles that I had experienced personally. I tried to capture a lot of those emotions in the lyrics and melodies you hear on The Truth. I poured my heart and soul into this music and I believe that my fans will be pleased.”

The Truth is a collection of songs that showcases Brian emerging as a world class singer-songwriter. He possesses an uncanny ability to combine classic rock energy with contemporary nuance and unforgettable melodies. He has, in a word become “prolific”, having written more than 70 new songs over the last two years, with many already destined for other artists’releases or TV and film. The new album will offer fans a musical experience certain to captivate and enthrall. The lyrics, even the song titles themselves, tell what I hope will be viewed as intriguing stories and generate both curiosity and interest,” Brian offers. “There is at least some raw truth, (no pun intended) to everything here.”

Brian hooked up at various points in time with co-writers in locations as disparate as Nashville and Chicago, but it was a select core of songwriters based in Toronto with whom Brian found that unique chemistry and special spark needed to create songs that are truly built to last. Brian also wanted to ensure he had the creative control and input he’d need when it came to recording and production so he called on acclaimed producer Harry Hess, also an accomplished songwriter and musician who’s worked with the likes of Billy Talent, Three Days Grace and many more to make it all sound great and, after reflecting on the work they’d done, Harry concluded that “Brian Melo is the sleeping giant of the current music scene in North America” Brian’s take was somewhat more restrained but he still felt “There was a magic energy in this album’s creation and production.”

There’s a degree of instant familiarity in every song on The Truth, but its a mysterious familiarity and you almost think, wow I could hear every song on this album on radio at some point even though some are so distinctly different from each other, but in today’s world of super tight formatting and “station positioning” that could never happen. That said, it speaks strongly to how well written and performed these songs really are and while they touch the edges of many contemporary music genres or formats if you like, they have an unmistakable continuity as a body of work. Just have a listen to energized tracks like “The Truth,” “Soundproof” and “Hang On” or the more reflective songs such as “Firefly,” “Mystery” or the “Story of Us” (a duet with Suzie McNeil.) There’s even a cheeky “Beatlesesque” bonus track called “Ain’t Thinkin About You.” It’s a song that anybody can relate to, whether you’re a country/bluegrass fan, classic rock fan, or pop music fan,” says Brian.

When asked to which song Brian has the closest connection, the singer admits that “each song somehow speaks to a personal moment or experience in my life, but ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ is a real life love story about how my parents met.

The Truth has the makings of a timeless contemporary music album and The Truth is Brian Melo at his best, so far... Raw but real, powerful but poetic!