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"Finally, a true fusion of electronic, acoustic, and traditional songwriting techniques and the fascinatingly refreshing results they can achieve. bust it...”

The top of the show finds Bradley sitting on a stool sipping red wine and singing a gentle song of love lost. Minutes later, Bradley is on his feet, screaming through a megaphone at a muse only he can see. All the while, a barrage of eclectic beats attack from his back up band: a glowing laptop. It’s clear, Toto, that we are not in Kansas anymore...

Bradley merges the classic singer-songwriter genre with raw electronica. Using a combination of acoustic and computer generated notes; the songs of Bradley put a gentle voice and sweet melodies in direct contrast with distorted, digital beats. Pretty string arrangements sound over sub-harmonic bass, carefully placed pieces of noise float in the background while a novation synth wails in the near distance. It’s non-traditional. And it works.

Audiences will know Bradley as Vancouver bassist Brad Ferguson. Brad has performed with acts such as Lily Frost, Zubot & Dawson, Econoline Crush, Colin James, Moka Only and Coco Love Alcorn, among others. He has appeared on The Mike Bullard Show, Zed TV and Canada AM to name but a few. Bradley has recently been added to several Campus radio stations and has charted (top 20) at: CFCR, CHUO CFRC and landed in the top 5 at CJSF & CJAM. His compositions have been featured in ‘the L word‘, ‘The Dead Zone‘, ‘Just Cause‘ and ‘Life with Derick‘.