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The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt

This is what Brian Borcherdt will leave behind, some dirty laundry, maybe some discarded snack food purchased in the many truck stops along our North American highways, and lots of pretty songs. These are his remains. Fortunately he is still alive to support them. Aside from starting Dependent Music (quite possibly Canada's first artist-run cooperative/ label), devoting three years to Canadian Indie Icons By Divine Right, inventing multiple split personalities and side projects, Brian writes heaps and heaps of songs. Some are about lost friends, some are about the isolation of small town Nova Scotia, some may even be about you. But don't worry. Brian is kind in his song writing; it always comes from the heart. The Remains of… Vol. 2 was recorded at The House of Miracles with Andy Magoffin (The Hidden Cameras, Constantines) as well as in the woods of his hometown. Many of the talented musicians Brian has played with came out to support him in the studio, including members of By Divine Right, Old Soul, and Two Minute Miracles. We can expect a lot more from Brian in the upcoming years, a lot more pretty songs, and probably a lot more discarded snack morsels purchased from the many Truck Stops he will visit on his busy tour schedule.

"A moody, magnificent recording, alternating between dreamy and aggressive, like the best of 30 years of Neil Young compressed into 12 songs."
- The Halifax Herald "Best of 2004"

" honest it's like he's plugged his guitar straight into your heart."
Eye Weekly