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Without A Plan Artist: Bodega
Title: Without A Plan
Year: 2001
$13.99 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 The Other Side Of Love 3:48 No  
2 Barcelona 3:01 No  
3 Twisted Slopes 2:53 No  
4 Finer Than Fine Print 3:22 No  
5 Shifts In Time 3:09 No  
6 Donít Have A Clue 1:43 No  
7 Without A Plan 3:26 No  
8 Up In Smoke, Out In Tears 3:07 No  
9 Sometimes 3:26 No  
10 Perfect Song 3:12 No  
11 Are You Still There? 4:03 No  
12 Back To The Sun 3:14 No  

Produced By Dave Fridmann and Andrew Rodriguez
Recorded By Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studio, Cassadaga NY

Musicians: Andrew Rodriguez (vocals, guitars, mellotron, piano, vocoder, 4-track, harmonium), Paul Aucoin (Fender Rhodes, vibraphone, organ), Sam Goldberg (bass, vocals), Kim Temple (drums, vocals, tambourine, piano), Kurt Swinghammer (harmonica, guitars, mandoguitar, Theremin), Dave Fridmann ( castanets, congas, organ, mellotron, orchestration, triangle), Elliot Sairan (guitar),