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Blurtonia Artist: Blurtonia
Title: Blurtonia
Year: 2001

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Title Length Sample  
1 Cardboard Riot -- No  
2 Foxy by Proxy -- No  
3 Perfect Crime -- No  
4 Three Points of Action -- No  
5 Dissentionaire -- No  
6 Hot Kiss -- No  
7 Fireflies -- No  
8 Same Thing Twice -- No  
9 Mock Priest -- No  
10 Gravity Isnít Serious -- No  
11 One To Another -- No  

Produced by: Daryl Smith and Blurtonia

Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia Artist: Blurtonia
Title: Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia
Year: 1999
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Title Length Sample  
1 Never Less Than Perfect 2:41 Yes  
2 Pick Up The Pieces 2:49 No  
3 Lifelike 2:53 Yes  
4 The Privilege is Real 4:52 No  
5 Crest of the Moon 3:00 No  
6 I Donít Want To Kill Today 2:30 No  
7 Thatís the Ticket 3:10 No  
8 Wonít You Ride? 6:35 No  
9 In Yer Own Bed 2:53 No  
10 Body vs Brain 3:43 No  
11 Gone Again Or 3:52 No  
12 The Capital Mack 3:30 Yes  

Recorded and mixed by Daryl Smith and Ian Blurton at Chemical Sound, Toronto, ON assisted by Alun Piggins
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Umbrella, Toronto, ON

Musicians: Ian Blurton (vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc), Corinne Culbertson (bass), Al Kelso (guitar), Mike Armstrong (percussion), Paul Aucoin (vibes), Anne Bourne (viola, vocal), Kevin Lynn (bass), Bernard Maiezza (programming), Sarah McElcheran (trumpet), Glenn Milchem (drums), J.Damon Richardson (drums), Daryl Smith (bass, guitar, piano)