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"Our program is makin' people have a good time, and we're getting closer and closer to the point where we'll be able to put that program into heavy use. Everything we do is aimed at moving 'em, their head and feet, ya know? Gettin' 'em up from sittin' down...makin' everyone feel good. There haven't been many bands playing hot enough music for the people to get up and dance. What we want to get out of older music forms, and we're not talking about going back to no old-fashioned sound, is the life and energy and apply it in a contemporary context, apply the thing that will help our people today..." - an excerpt from an interview with Zip Stevenson, Minister of Information for Blurtonia

"Ian Blurton is our favourite Canadian rock god" - Eye Weekly

"Toronto's most notorious guitar hero...A quartet with the guts of a steamroller...Blurtonia has raised its flag over Toronto"
- Chart Magazine

NNNN (out of 5) - Now Magazine

"Long may he rock" - Exclaim Magazine