The Blood Lines

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The Blood Lines

Our story begins in late 2005 as S.J. Kardash, finding himself without musical partners for the first time since he was ten, begins teaching his sister Maygen how to drum in hopes of starting a band. Meanwhile, Paul Ross is following leads from town to town collecting an arsenal of amplifiers and miscellaneous noise makers like a determined soldier preparing for war. Barrett is sitting on a couch.

At this point in time, the Blood Lines had not yet crossed paths. However, a mutual friend, Chris Laramee would soon be the catalyst in the equation, frequently prompting Paul and S.J. individually to play together. After hearing this enough times, S.J. had an idea: he decided he should play with Paul Ross. Hearing this story from her brother, Maygen exclaimed that the same thing was happening to her. The soundman at her place of work, named Barrett, had been insisting she play with his brother, and as it turns out his brother was also named Paul Ross.

Saskatoon is a small city and to use an old cliché, it's a small world - but one cannot shake this coincidence. So, a rendezvous was arranged - it was instant chemistry. With Paul on guitar, S.J. on bass and Maygen on drums, Barrett (who had always played drums), assumed the role of keyboards. The quartet wrote several songs in a matter of hours and the excitement was palatable. The drum lessons continued and Barrett continued to practice keyboards, but something wasn't quite right. One day, the group realized Maygen was a pianist and Barrett was a drummer and all was made right with a game of musical chairs. In March of 2006, the Blood Lines were made.

The band has every intention to roam the country side playing street fairs, town carnivals and petting zoos. They will release an album, become moderately popular, sign a record deal, go through internal crisis, write another album, crossover into the team mascot industry, become superstars, burn out and live happily ever after.