Black Lungs

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Black Lungs

Inspired by such wide-ranging influences as folk, punk, classical, soul and country, Black Lungs crafts fiercely literate lyrics and strikingly uncomplicated melodies with a raw intensity that comes from the heart and hits the listener point blank in the chest.

Black Lungs’ architect, Wade MacNeil, is no stranger to the music scene. In addition to extensive touring all over the world, MacNeil has earned a #1 debut on the Top 200 Soundscan, 2 Platinum records, 1 Gold record, and a JUNO for New Group of the Year as vocalist and guitarist of Alexisonfire.

Black Lungs’ originated when MacNeil found himself amassing a collection of songs so introspective and personal, he wanted to sing them himself. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Billy Bragg, MacNeil seamlessly weaves folk sentimentality with punk ideology. While the studio album features Ian Romano (Attack in Black) on drums and old-friend Sammi Bogdanski on piano, MacNeil recruits a revolving line-up of likeminded musicians-friends including members of Alexisonfire, Attack in Black, Cancer Bats and Moneen when taking Black Lungs on the road.

On ‘Hold Fast’, the first single from the album, MacNeil delivers a nostalgic message with anthemic conviction. On the track ‘Fire and Brimstone’, MacNeil croons provoking lyrics “Will you let me go to hell however I choose…” juxtaposed by strings and classical piano lines.

Black Lungs is “the soundtrack for punk rockers, hip hoppers, pill poppers, young ladies and show stoppers” offering something for every disenfranchised music lover. Far removed from the attacking sounds of his band Alexisonfire, MacNeil’s crude guitar lines and harsh whiskey-drowned vocals lend a new complexity to traditional 4-chord punk.