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Here's what critics have been saying about "Deliverance" and Bionic's recent live performances:

"Following them at the Horseshoe was Montreal's Bionic, whose virtuosity and power made it impossible to think of seeing any other band afterward. Their music is stunningly loud, ugly as their beards and beautiful as only a pumped-up Southern-punk-groove-metal-Lemmy-monster could be. Are they the best live band in Canada? If not, I don't know who is." - Mary Dickie, Toronto Sun

"Bionic is back to make jaws drop and eardrums bleed with its powerful, punishing second album, Deliverance." - T'cha Dunlevy - Montreal Gazette

".... It might have been the performance of the weekend, had Montreal's atomically heavy Bionic not quickly stormed the stage ("I think we're finally gonna make it" sneered frontman Jonathan Cummins as an intro) and completely destroyed the 'Shoe with a monstrously loud burst of metallic, twin-guitar fury that had even a few reserved record-exec types thrusting metal salutes in the air. It was music as pure physical force, played with as much humour as uncompromising brutality. The most rock 'n' roll moment of a rock 'n' roll weekend." - Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

"An overpowering, relentless collection of searing, blues-infused punk that wastes little time in going for the jugular" - Ottawa X-Press

**** (4 Stars) "Not content to merely play on par with contemporaries like Speedealer, Nashville Pussy or Queens of the Stone Age, Bionic singer and guitarist Jonathan Cummins out-hustles and out-muscles all peers." - Hour Magazine

(8/10) "Montreal's Bionic have fused the violent precision of Am Rep/Touch & Go heaviosity with the bump 'n' boogie of classic FM hair rock" - Montreal Mirror

One of the top ten albums of 2002 - Montreal Gazette

Described by the press as everything from "a pile-driving brand of rock akin to MC5 meets Black Flag" (Edmonton Journal) to most famously, "Queens Of The Stone Age buttfucking The Hellacopters with Bad Religion clapping along" (Kerrang), Bionic was formed in 1997 by lead singer/guitarist Jonathan Cummins after he left A&M recording artists, The Doughboys. Bionic's self-titled debut record was given 4+1/2 stars by Melody Maker's Neil Kulkarni, describing the album as "One of the most instantly thrilling, richly rewarding rock LP's I've heard."

After numerous tours of Canada, the UK and Europe with the likes of Nashville Pussy, The Gaza Strippers and Bad Wizard, Bionic finally stayed home long enough in 2002 to complete "Deliverance," which is currently available in Canada on Sound King Records and on Lunasound Recordings in The United Kingdom and Europe.

The album is more rock, less punk than the first album, and marks a return to the AC/DC - ZZ Top influences of Jonathan's teenage years. Cummins told Chart Magazine, "We set out to make a record that I don't think many people make anymore. A heartfelt, passionate rock record that refuses to pander to current trends and bullshit fashions. We didn't want to make a good record, we wanted to make an important record and try and take rock music to a new level of intensity." Mission accomplished!