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Beautiful 2000 literally came together on the dance floor at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa. It was early 1995 and all agreed how great it was that DJs were playing good music in clubs again. Guitarist/vocalist Marc Stapleford said that he was starting a group with his brother, drummer Danny Stapleford, and that they were looking for a bass player. By fate or coincidence, Michael “Mez” Dilauro had just bought a bass a couple of weeks before. Aside from the trio meeting and expressing an interest in starting a group, it was also the night that the nickname “Mez” came to be. Something about dancing like a lunatic, a few too many drinks and Michael resembling Happy Mondays maracas player Bez, except with an “M”.

Upon relocating to Toronto, Beautiful 2000 entered the studio to record some of their newly written songs. The resultant EP reached #3 on the HMV Independent Sales Chart and their song, She Is The World, was featured on 102.1 The Edge’s 1998 New Rock Search compilation. Jay Ferguson of Sloan loved the EP and rated it as one of his top five favourites of that year. Another song, Vessel, ended up on the soundtrack of the feature film Silver Wolf. “Beautiful 2000 is all about visualization. That’s why our songs work so well with film and television,” says guitarist Marc Stapleford.

Entitled “What It Is….What It Was….What It Could Be”, the group’s debut album was released on September 11, 1999. The album charted on Canadian college radio and, once again, television responded positively. Two tracks, TO-GET-HER and Tired Of Being Lonely, were featured on the CTV series The Associates. The song We Will Rise was chosen for the acclaimed short film Three Stories From The End Of Everything which was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. States drummer Danny Stapleford, “We’re always trying out new things and that shows in every new recording we do. The lyrics and the vibe of the music are hopeful and positive.”

The following year, Beautiful 2000 supported Sloan on their university tour. “Once we played some ’better’ shows, like the shows with Sloan, it made us realize that we were capable of so much more when it came to entertaining larger audiences. It felt so good and we wanted it more than ever.” The group was then approached about playing Creation Records founder Alan McGee’s DJ night in Toronto. The club was packed and it enabled Beautiful 2000 to showcase some new songs. “I think the natural progression is to always try to outdo the last thing we’ve done. We’ve really focused on what we do musically. Author Timothy Findley said that life is becoming yourself. The same could be said for musical expression.”

That musical expression has manifested itself in a brand new Beautiful 2000 album, which is set for release in Canada on September 9th. “Midnight Sons” marks a new progression in the group’s songwriting while maintaining its trademark melodies, tight vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics. “We’re all so passionate about music and we work really well together. We’re all a little obsessed with pop culture and seem to be feeling the same way about things at the same time. Our name represents a positive outlook for our generation. Beautiful 2000 brings an imagery of hope for the future.”

Beautiful 2000 is Danny Stapleford - drums, backing vocals

Michael “Mez” Dilauro - bass, backing vocals

Marc Stapleford - guitar, lead vocals

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What The Critics Are Saying:
“A brand new band is emerging with such velocity that it’s hard not to pick up on the buzz.” The Charlatan, Carleton University

“All things bright and Beautiful 2000. A new life in the post-apocalyptic world of indie pop.” The Strand, University of Toronto

“Four great songs and classy brotherly harmonies.” Jay Ferguson, Sloan

“What It Is….What It Was….What It Could Be puts the listener into wholly enjoyable Lennonesque headspaces that rival anything Sloan has done.” Ottawa X-Press

“Intimate and subtlety dynamic, the second release from this Toronto based trio is a real pleasure to listen to. The song writing throughout this album, combined with the great hooks, has a lot to offer.” Imagine Magazine

“Swelling harmonies, infectious melodies, soulful rhythms - it’s all there in the past, present and future of Beautiful 2000.” sugarbleedsblue

“This is your basic three-piece set-up complete with lush harmonies, memorable melodies and, of course, catchy riffs. There is no question that their indie days are numbered.” Indie Nation

“….melody-fuelled, harmony-drenched material.” Capital City

“….a perfectly lovely work….with the Byrdsian harmonies and chiming guitars being prominent but not overbearing.” Eye Magazine

“Few bands get together and find their niche as quickly as local three-piece Beautiful 2000 has. Pretty, slightly distorted melodies and mature compositions have helped the band build a strong following….” Jane Tattersall