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Black Box Music is an independent music and artist development company based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The company, originally dubbed Black Box Recordings, began exclusively as a record label in 2003. It expanded to include booking and management services in recent years, prompting the brand change to Black Box Music in 2008. The Black Box Recordings brand still exists as the record label element of Black Box Music's full-service approach.

At the outset, the label was started with the goal of giving up and coming Canadian artists an opportunity to take their careers to the next level. Now five years and over fourteen releases later, it is widely regarded as one of the strongest independent Canadian labels in the country. Black Box Recordings is currently distributed by Fontana North in Canada.

As the label grew, so did Black Box Record's involvement in the careers of their artists, which developed into the artist management element of the company. Over the years, the management initiatives have expanded to include other artists of varying styles and profiles who are not signed to the Black Box Recordings record label.

"We pride ourselves on working with honest, genuine artists from a vast array of styles and profiles. We are, at the heart, an artist development company set on giving hard working artists the best shot at making a career in the music industry." - Black Box Music