The Blue Alarm

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A Cazart Records Artist

Fraser Mackenzie: acoustic guitars, lead vocals, piano, bg vocals, electric guitar

Brian Minato: bass guitar, electric guitars, keyboards, percussion, bg vocals, drum programming

Graham Tuson: drums, bg vocals

TheBlueAlarm is a pop group. They make interesting and intriguing sounds and write captivating lyrics. There are certainly references in their music towards the stylings of British pop music, however there are also nods towards country, folk and garage-style rock music.

The group got its start when Brian and Fraser met while playing in other prominent local Vancouver bands. Fraser had just finished recording a demo of a song he had written at the time, the version of which Brian hated so much that he offered to re-record and produce it in order to do it justice. The song was "When Mothers Conspire" and ended up being the cornerstone of the project that would later become the album Astronauts and Angels. Soon after this they ended up jamming with Graham at a house party, and later rehearsed a few original songs and a couple of covers, and The Milky Snakes were born. After a NewMusicWest showcase under this name, they elected to change it to Reuben whom they remained for a year until finally settling on TheBlueAlarm - a reference to a lyric in the title track of the album. The band began recording during this time and continued to play the Vancouver club circuit.

Fraser MacKenzie developed a passion for both music and literature at a young age. As he established a personal relationship with the power of language he further discovered a means of expression as malleable as any piece of clay. Valedictorian at his High School, he went on to pursue Theater and Literature at University where he was able to couple his love of language with his longtime passion for music (including clarinet, violin, piano, guitar, and choir). Both have since become natural extensions of his being and continue to both fuel and release him. Fraser's influences range from Peter Gabriel to Peter Sellers, and also include Billy Bragg, Paul Kelly, U2, and Tracy Chapman.

Brian Minato is an Asian-Canadian working in the Caucasian world of music. He failed High School, which he suggests might explain his success or lack thereof in the music biz. Modest comments from someone who is currently on a world tour with Sarah McLachlan and has toured or recorded with her since 1991. As well as being a musician, he can make a decent grilled cheese sandwich. Brian's played music since he was five and can make noises on most rock-oriented instruments. As well as producing TheBlueAlarm record, he has produced records for Wild Strawberries, Billy And The Lost Boys and GG Dartray. Some of his influences are Brian Eno, Miles Davis, Larry Sanders, 70's AM Radio, Rupert Pupkin, The Cure, old school prog rock, Old School, Rock School and The School of Rock.

Unlike Brian, Graham Tuson is a Caucasian living in what is predominantly becoming an Asian community around him (he concedes, however, that Brian is a great driver). He makes his dough working for a local sound company and recording music. He enjoys sports like hockey and football, and has been known to hit a pretty mean driver, although his short game sucks. His first actual performance was at the age of 4, singing and playing tambourine with his mum at church. He was put through piano lessons up to the Grade 9 classical level at which point he was already being asked to leave school in his small-town to play drums in touring groups full-time. He played drums in the local men's community big band at age 14. He's been rockin' since there was Dokken. He likes Fraser's songs, thinks he has an amazing voice and reckons Brian's pretty cool too. He's been known to listen to The YeahYeahYeah's, The Dandy Warhols, Pixies, Janes, Supergrass, Dwight Yoakam, The Burning Brides and BOWIE!!

Astronauts and Angels releases on Cazart Records August 3rd, 2004. The CD release party is Friday August 6th at The Railway Club in Vancouver. Stay tuned for radio, video and tour announcements coming soon from

" their swinging choruses leapt off the walls, I realized I was watching something ambitious unfold and got drawn into the emotion of it all… they are hard at work on their first indie release and I'll be first in line to pick it up."
-Trevor Hargreaves, Chart