Baby Blue Soundcrew
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Bringing urban music to the masses is more than simply a full-time job. Just ask ‘Canada’s Urban Ambassadors’ - the Baby Blue Soundcrew. After the blow-out success of their first compilation, Private Party Collector’s Edition Volume 1 (just shy of platinum status), the hyped MC, skilled DJ and two party masters extraordinaire have focused their time and talents on taking the world by storm. The crew’s unique ability to uncover the year’s hottest tracks, showcase Canada’s blazing urban talent and capture the vibe of the infamous Baby Blue party has bred their second hit-filled mix-CD, Private Party Collector’s Edition Volume 2!

Armed with their weapons of choice: thumping hip-hop, soul-stirring R&B and booty-shaking reggae, the four party-rockers (Kid Kut, KLC, C-Boogie and Singlefoot) present the DJ-mixed Volume 2, consisting of 20 hot tracks from some of today’s biggest international artists, including Eve, Ja Rule, Ludacris, Sizzla, Dr. Dre, Outkast, Lil’ Kim, Cutty Ranks, Nelly and Jagged Edge. "We chose only party anthems, songs we’ve been breaking and playing in the clubs," says Kid Kut. "I think people are going to pick up this CD and love it. We made sure the CD is filled with musical gems and a few pleasant surprises."

In keeping with the Baby Blue commitment to develop local talent, Private Party Collector’s Edition Volume 2 also features four original, exclusive tracks featuring the cream of Canada’s urban music scene: Jully Black, Choclair, Solitair and Ro Ro Dolla.

Private Party Collector’s Edition Volume 2’s first single is the bouncy "Love ‘Em All", featuring rapper Choclair and New York underground sensation Mr. Mims. The rapid-fire lyrics depict a mentality that the Baby Blue Soundcrew now lives by. "’Love ‘Em All’ really epitomizes what we feel as far as our experiences, history and the things we face - the haters, the adversity, the trials and tribulations," reveals KLC. "But we’re trying to say that it doesn’t matter if you’re against us or with us, we love you all."

The crew also wanted to ensure that all musical styles under the urban music genre were properly represented on Volume 2’s exclusive cuts. The club-rocking "Keep It Tight" showcases the smooth R&B vocals of E-3 and "Salsa Lady" pairs Canadian MCs Solitair and Ro Ro Dolla over a sexy, Latin-infused melody. Jamaican dancehall star Baby Cham and songstress Jully Black struggle with the balance between independence and love on the powerful "The Day Before".

Nothing was overlooked in the creation of Volume 2; even the order of the songs was given careful consideration. "We arranged our songs by vibe and sequenced them like how we play a party," explains Kid Kut. "We give party-goers something they want to hear, then break them into something new. We try to capture the party vibe so if you’re at a barbecue or house party, you could play our CD straight through and catch a vibe."

Since the release of Volume 1, the four-man collective embarked on a cross-country tour and stopped in Bermuda, Jamaica and Antigua to promote the Baby Blue name and spread the love with their world-famous parties. Volume 1’s hit single "Money Jane" (featuring Jully Black, Sean Paul and Kardinal Offishall) garnered a 2001 Juno Award nomination and the video reached number one on the MuchMusic Countdown. They earned a second Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording for their track with Glenn Lewis "Only Be In Love". The crew has also been bitten by the acting bug with members appearing in feature films such as Mariah Carey’s Glitter, Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez and the UPN TV series Soul Food.

In a scant six years, the Baby Blue Soundcrew have established themselves as Canada’s premiere DJ soundcrew. Back in 1995, their mission was to bring urban music to the street and to the masses. Today, they continue to strive for their common goal while defining their individual roles. Kid-Kut sits in the producer’s chair for their original songs. KLC plays a large role in track selection, DJ mixing and scratching. Singlefoot focuses on Internet promotion and C-Boogie handles PR and the collective’s business relations. Their legendary sold-out parties across the country prove that there’s still no party like a Baby Blue party. Top that all off with the success of the Private Party Collector’s Edition CD series and it’s easy to see why many say the Baby Blue Soundcrew is the hardest working soundcrew in the music biz.