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The Awesome Team


Alright, let’s start with the obvious. The Awesome Team…people either love the name or hate the name, but they never forget it. Their sound…it has been described as “melodic, guitar driven, heavy pop/rock” and guaranteed, once heard, their songs will stay with you and will always leave you wanting more.

This talented Toronto based band is currently preparing for their first cross-Canada tour in February. Their debut video, released in Sept 2005, was immediately added to rotation at MuchMusic, and continues to be in medium rotation on MuchLoud. The imaginative and poignant video for the single “The Last of My World” was shot in rural Alberta.

Their current self-titled release, a 6-song EP, was produced by Joao Carvalho (By Divine Right, Pilate). An amazing collection of pop melodies, hard rocking songs, and alternative tunes, strung together by a common thread that makes The Awesome Team’s sound. The EP has already garnered music licensing opportunities including placements in the 2005 Thinkfilm thriller “Snapped,” DeGrassi: The Next Generation and Falcon Beach.

“Their style and musical vision stretches beyond the norm making them more exciting to watch and listen to than the average artist.” Joao Carvalho, Producer

The Awesome Team is comprised of four, distinctly individual, extremely talented musicians, who came together to make great music. This is a real rock band with no gimmicks: no tight leather pants; no rehearsed, over-the-top, overused, rock star stage moves; just gifted musicians who love what they are doing. At every show, The Awesome Team win over the audience with their intelligent, catchy songs and their unbridled enthusiasm onstage.

The Awesome Team members were already experienced musicians when they decided to join forces. Having met while playing in various northern Ontario punk and rock bands, the members realized they had a mutual admiration of each others talents, a strong desire to make music and a keen drive to succeed.

Hailing from Kirkland Lake, ON, lead singer/guitarist Joey Clement was 10 years old when he inherited a Les Paul guitar from his grandfather. He hasn’t looked back. Heavily influenced by 80’s Metal, 90’s Punk and the Beatles, Joey is a prolific songwriter and an extremely charismatic front man, a crowd pleaser with phenomenal vocals and a frenetic and energetic onstage persona.

“The Awesome Team set out to create great music, to bring back a much needed honesty to the scene... that’s just what we are doing,” Joey Clement

Dan Beeson (Drums/Vox) and Geoff Major (Guitar/Vox) grew up in the neighbouring northern Ontario community of New Liskeard. They met at the age of 6 and formed their first punk rock band in elementary school. Both are multi-talented musicians who play a variety of instruments and are an integral part of The Awesome Team’s sound.

A veteran of both the Toronto and Vancouver music scene, Morgan Smith is a bass player extraordinaire. Citing Jaco Pastorius, Flea and Stuart Zender as just a few of his musical influences, Morgan brings his exceptional musicianship and an unmatched exuberance and enthusiasm to The Awesome Team line-up.

The past couple years of Toronto living has been exciting for the band. They have survived a mugging at gunpoint, the theft of 3 guitars and a car theft, but they will not be deterred from their musical ambitions, instead they have become a rock force to be reckoned with. They’ve won many competitions including The Spirit of The North, The Toronto Long and McQuade Battle of the Bands and the Canadian Championship of the 2003 Sobe Ultimate Altitude Buzz. Additionally, they played to full houses at both the 2004 and 2005 Canadian Music Week conferences and have performed a live set and interview on air at the 102.1 The Edge studios in Toronto.

The Awesome Team is a great group of guys who want to live out their rock and roll dreams, spreading their love of music to the masses. Luckily, their wealth of talent, drive and determination are just what they need to achieve these musical aspirations.