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100 Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: 100
Year: 2005
$14.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.54)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 All The Things You Are -- No  
2 Shine -- No  
3 Best Years -- No  
4 That Summer -- No  
5 One Man Symphony -- No  
6 House of gold -- No  
7 Loud -- No  
8 Beautiful Thing -- No  
9 America -- No  
10 Rockstar -- No  
11 Butterfly Song -- No  
12 Wish -- No  

Shine EP Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: Shine EP
Year: 2004
$7.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $5.62)
(approx. EURO 5.17 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Shine -- No  
2 Butterfly Song -- No  
3 Stutter (Live) -- No  
4 House Of Gold (Live) -- No  
5 Hero -- No  

1, 2, 5 Produced by John Rzeznik

1 Mixed by Jack Joseph Puig
2 Mixed by Doug McKean
3,4 Recorded & mixed by Les Cooper & Ron Skinner
5 Mixed by Graham Brewer

Mastered by Joao Carvalho

Five Star Motel Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: Five Star Motel
Year: 2002
$17.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $12.65)
(approx. EURO 11.65 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Stutter 3:43 No  
2 Paris 3:49 No  
3 Here Nor There 4:07 No  
4 Wonderful (Itís Superman) 3:10 No  
5 22 Steps 3:50 No  
6 Clay Pigeon 3:15 No  
7 One Day 3:26 No  
8 Miss USA 3:48 No  
9 Wedding Song 3:31 No  
10 Mavis Said..... 4:13 No  
11 Everest 3:31 No  
12 Hymn 4:34 No  

Radio Fuse Box Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: Radio Fuse Box
Year: 1999
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Fly 4:53 Yes  
2 Poem for A Small Boy On An Amtrack Train 5:44 Yes  
3 Insect 5:38 No  
4 She Detuned The Orchestra And Left The Room 5:24 No  
5 Lake Alaska 4:00 AM 4:45 Yes  
6 Song For You 2:34 No  
7 Talk Show (Letter To A Friend) 4:46 No  
8 Arrest 6:52 Yes  
9 She Sang 3:03 No  

Produced by Ethan Allen and Andy Stochansky
Mixed by Andy Stochansky
Engineered by Peter Horvath

Andy (vocals, drums, percussion, guitar), Bill Brennan (piano), Adrian Lawryshyn (bass), Kurt Swinghammer (guitars), Mia Sheard (vocals), Ravi Naimpally (tablas), Jason L. Mercer (stand-up bass), Michael Wrycraft (vocals), David Travers-Smith (trumpets), Don Kerr (cellos), Oliver Schroer (violins), Maury Lafoy (stand-up bass), DJ Start (turntables), Peter Horvath (guitar), Ben Grossman (flute), John D.S. Adams (fuse box tunings), Mark Shannon (bass), Kevin Breit (guitar), Ethan Allen (slide guitar), The Water String Quartet conducted by Oliver Schroer, The Roseneath Gardens Childrenís Choir conducted by Karen DíAoust, saxophone quartet led by Richard Underhill.

While You Slept Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: While You Slept
Year: 1995
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 I am Standing 4:51 No  
2 Pass the Wheel 5:06 No  
3 Under Your Glory 4:48 No  
4 To No Yourself 5:12 No  
5 The Voice 4:28 No  
6 Two Float 3:29 No  
7 Dear Sir 2:16 No  
8 Under Your Glory (the pllay it loud mix) 5:26 No  
9 The Woman Who... 5:46 No  

Produced by Stephen Traub and Andy Stochansky
Recorded at Population 60, except "Pass the Wheel, recorded at Where I Live and "Two Float" recorded at Winfield Sound
Mixed at Chemical Sound

Andy (vocals, drums, guitar, feedback, vox, lead, back up vocal, bass, percussion, samples, djembe, voice, shaker, sonic noises), Rebecca Jenkins (back up vox, back up vocal), Ken Myhr (nylon string, guitar, feedback), Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy man, spicy Turkish saz), Veda Hille (piano, accodion, finger puppetry, martinis), Mark Shannon (bass), Charlie Roby (bouzouki, guitar), Kurt Swinghammer (ether guitar, bass, charming snake guitar), Stephen Hannigan (uillean pipes, pipes), Jennifer Moore (vocals, operaticness, back up vox, telephone), Andrew Gilchrist (back up vocal, whippy and crunchy kind of percussion), Jamie Snider (violins), Kathryn rose (various vocal samples), Adrian Lawrysyn (main bass), Alisdair Jones (satan bass), Stephen Traub (wail), Chris Brown (hammond organ)

The Glory Remix Artist: Andy Stochansky
Title: The Glory Remix
Year: 1995
$10.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $7.03)
(approx. EURO 6.48 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Under Your Glory (Ants Are Not My Friends Remix) 5:48 No  
2 I am Standing 3:24 No  
3 Beat of the Black Wings 4:23 No  
4 Pass the Wheel 5:06 No  
5 Under Your Glory (Equality Mix) 4:40 No  

Mastered by Brett Zilahi at Digital Studios
Remixed by Andrew Gilchrist at Population 60 (tracks 1 and 5)

Jennifer Moore (vox), Veda Hille (piano, accordion), Desmond Rodney (bass), Andy (vocals, drums, guitar feedback, percussion, vox), Karl Swinghammer (ether, guitar), Ben Grossman (saz sounds, hurdy gurdy), Michelle Doherty (bagpipes), Alisdair Jones (bass solos,various basses, bass through satan solos), Rebecca Jenkins (back up vox, back up vocal), Ken Myhr (nylon string guitar, feedback), Mark Shannon (bass), Ahmed Hassan (didgeridoo, shakers, chanting, udu), Charlie Roby (bouzouki)