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Amos The Transparent

A band's name often indicates the genre of music they represent. Not so in the case of Amos the Transparent, the creative new force in the Canadian music scene. The band's versatile sound is on full display for their debut album, Everything I've Forgotten to Forget - an intricate collection of songs immersed in harmony, rooted in folk with indie-pop overtones.

One of Amos the Transparent's most defining characteristics is their authentic delivery and ability to capture a mood. Lyrical themes of love and loss, hope and despair channel the spirit of Elliott Smith while the music evokes the minimalist charm of Wilco.

Amos the Transparent is the brainchild of Ottawa songwriter Jonathan Chandler - a soft-spoken talent with a faultless ear. Chandler teamed up with drummer and primary collaborator, Christopher Wilson to solidify material that was written over a period of several years.

The duo applied a collective approach to the recording process, drawing out the influences and talents of numerous guest artists including Amy Millan of Stars who makes a special guest vocal appearance on the stunning duet, "After All That, It's Come To This". Millan agreed to perform the track after Chandler and Wilson captivated her with an a cappella version of the song backstage at Bluesfest 2006 in Ottawa.

Garnering a wave of early momentum, Everything I've Forgotten to Forget offers a compelling introduction to a promising new artist.

“One of the best albums of 2007” –

“Hands down this is one of the best debut albums of the year. From the first song to the last (including one incredible duet with Amy Millan), the album is relentlessly god-like in it’s songwriting and arrangements.” - Some Velvet Blog

“Wiry folk / indie pop that sways and swells with amazing precision. Quite honestly, there is going to have to be a rush of amazing records to bump this from my year-end list.” –

“Brief surges in orchestral stimulation fill Everything I’ve Forgotten To Forget with well-timed musical surprise and measures that are quickly memorable.” – Metro Toronto