Lucie Idlout

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Lucie Idlout

If you haven't heard of her already, you will soon. Lucie Idlout is Canada's best-kept alt-rock secret, and not just because she has an incredibly great voice or sound, it's because she's got just enough of everything - a complete package that comes naturally to her.

Although Idlout is of Native heritage, her music is not simply a testament to being aboriginal, but rather a complete expression of being herself. This complexity resonates in her music, as she unfolds a story in each of her songs leading the listener through a dark emotional struggle. Out of her tiny body comes a deep, aggressive voice, with passionate lyrics that took you on a journey full of sad stories and emotional unrest. At times it echoes the crooning of the likes of Etta James, and then with seemingly equal ease, delivers the awesome power of alternative alumni Marianne Faithful & P.J. Harvey.

Idlout conveys something from the stage that few new artists can - she comes across as very genuine and uninhibited. She freely exposes her conflicted psyche through her voice, energy and passion. She appears to be finding herself through the music, and better yet, inviting her audience to experience this emotional journey with her.